MOVIE REVIEW!! – The Avengers

  Marvel have been planning this for a long time, the worlds favourite superheroes coming together in one almighy movie full to the brim of ass kicking fun. Plus it’s never been a better time for them all to come together, Joss Whedon’s directing. A major threat to all life on earth has Nick Fury … Continue reading

TV Studio! Progress & Problems

Having had all of our roles allocated and everyone okay with what was going on, it was time to further discuss what was to come over the next few weeks. We have a lot of work to do and not a lot of time to do it! I certainly can’t wait for the developments that … Continue reading

TV Studio Research…

Coming into creating a chat show style TV show, I took it upon myself to research and look at the many different form of these shows that are available to us on TV. I found a lot of interesting ideas and information tidbits that I’ve come to find very interesting. It was discussed in one … Continue reading

Magic! My Ideas…

I have come up with many ideas that I plan to talk about to the rest of the group for the development and set up of our television programme, here are my ideas and research into magic and how we can incorporate it into the programme that we will come to produce throughout the last … Continue reading

TV Studio – Roles Allocated!

It was finally time to assign roles within the fantasy group. I came well prepared with a pitch for why I wanted to do the job that I was aiming for. Having gone through most of the jobs throughout the practice sessions, I had one job and one job only in my mind that I … Continue reading

TV Studio Discussions & Decisions

With more and more discussions being held, it was time for us all to decide more on what we all wanted to do within the group. The discussions so far are rather vague and many people have been louder and more controlling than others within the discussions, but it has allowed us all to see … Continue reading