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Hello There!!

It’s certainly been awhile since my blog has entered my brain, Holiday mode what can I say! Anyway I just want to make sure you all know there are lots of new things coming on here very soon! I’m excited, it isn’t just going to be my univeristy work; but many other things that I … Continue reading

MOVIE REVIEW!! – The Avengers

  Marvel have been planning this for a long time, the worlds favourite superheroes coming together in one almighy movie full to the brim of ass kicking fun. Plus it’s never been a better time for them all to come together, Joss Whedon’s directing. A major threat to all life on earth has Nick Fury … Continue reading

Movie Review: The Woman In Black

Women in black can be scary for sure, but why can’t they do more than make you want something bigger and scarier dressed in black? In what is meant to be one of the most chilling films in recent years, The Woman In Black pulls out all of the cheesy steps needed to make you … Continue reading

Movie Review! – The Iron Lady

How can such an iconic woman’s life be represented to it’s ‘true’ nature? By hiring Meryl Streep of course. The Iron Lady follows Margaret Thatcher, the only woman to be Prime Minister in the UK and the trials and tribulations of her 11 years in command of the country. Her strengths and her failures, her … Continue reading

How It Should Have Ended…

Thinking more and more about editing and making sure that everything falls into place for the film that we have just finished shooting, I found this website which is hilarious. Definitely agree with some of them! It helps to show that everyone has different takes on a film, which also helps me to realise that … Continue reading

Coventry Conversations: Jon Plowman

Executive Producer and funny man Jon Plowman was the focus of a Coventry Conversation on 19th January 2012; where he talked all things fabulous as well as what it means to be a comedy generator for the past 20 years. The “National Treasure” spoke all about what it is like for a producer in modern … Continue reading


Recent developments have led to me making a big decision. Back in the early parts of 2011, my coventry university interview featured me showing my special folder to the big people, now I have decided to begin to develop this special folder even more and start to create more ideas, scripts and have a bigger … Continue reading