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105MC – The Golden Envelope

Lady GaGa Music Video Evaluation What kind of gender representations are evident? – Throughout the video, Gaga is presenting herself as a bad girl, she knows she’s done something wrong and is released from jail. Both her and Beyonce are shown to be women who don’t like being told what to do, or what to … Continue reading

Media Audiences – Week 5

Shrek Who you think the defined audience is, in terms of age, gender, class? The defined audience is the younger generation, aged between 5-13. This particular film (+franchise) is aimed at both gender. The film is also aimed at any class. (Could possibly be slightly more aimed at middle class?) How you think the chosen … Continue reading

Stories – 105 MC

Angelica & Theodor – A CHANCE AT LOVE Having seen the angel through a family tragedy, the young woman goes through much distress; she is badly injured through an incident, the young woman decides that her life is meaningless and she gives up on life. The angel comes down from heaven and provides her with … Continue reading

How much Media do I use In 3 days?

I was given a task to note down how much media I use within a three day period, here are the results! Date Medium Time Total 8/10/11 Laptop (Internet & Work) 3 hours 8/10/11 TV 2 hour 8/10/11 IPod & ITunes 1 hour 8/10/11 Film 1 hour 30 minutes 8/10/11 7:30 hours 9/10/11 Magazine 20 … Continue reading