A Personal Reflection (POST 4, MEZ)

The final module of the year taught me a lot, I learnt new skills and made new friends whilst being a part of something that I have always wanted to do. This has been my favourite and worst module at once, I say that because of how difficult it all was and how personally challenging it was for me. I finish the module and the first year with a great sense of achievement and gratitude that I have become a media production student and someone that I never thought I would be.

Looking back properly, it is hard to say that I didn’t have a great time. I love the studio and hope to continue working in it next year. I loved to be able to have a try at all of the different jobs that are on offer within a TV studio, my favourite being the Vision Mixer role; this because of how you work alongside the director to earn their vision and what they want the show to look like, it’s a very important job and one that I would have loved to have carried out during the module. My other personal favourite would have to be producer or working on the camera. The producer role is a complex and detailed one, it requires a lot of someone and I noticed that throughout the progression of our module; however it’s a challenge that I would love to get to do one day, it seems like a lot of fun being the one organising and putting a show together. The cameras are fun too and I enjoy getting to be a stable part of the vision of the show. I have made a lot of new friends along the way, which is always a good thing! I really have come to see what I have earned from the last module and that’s a great amount. Becoming a part of producing a live television show is something that I have always wanted to do and now I have I feel the great angst to get back to it and start making more! I would love to have done more and maybe had a bigger role, but onwards and upwards means more is to come and I can only make sure I try my best to become a bigger presence within a TV studio.

The module brought challenges too, as all of them do; this time being more of a personal problem rather than a technical one. The group didn’t always click, there were a number of problems throughout the process of filming MagicNetTV live and there were technical problems that made my job harder to deal with. First of all, we didn’t get to pitch for what job we all wanted within the group (like all the other groups did) which I find unusual and problematic because there were a number of people going without a job or a job that they wanted to do but couldn’t because it was left simply to votes. That is a personal problem, which now having come out of the module I see as minor, but I would have liked to have had a bigger or better role because it was important to me to have an impact on the show. I wanted to be able to have done more than I could, I was restricted with the job I had because there were pieces of it that required me to do things that couldn’t be done. The group came out on top though and the show we made is great, I really enjoyed the whole experience.

Overall and reflecting on the final module, I would say it all went well. I enjoyed the whole process and would love to continue doing something like that in the future. I would however say that the problems within the module made it a lot harder throughout (one of the major problems being discussions within the group didn’t go very well and things were forgotten about like what our target audience was or who was doing what when). I found it hard, but not impossible to do the jobs I was assigned; they didn’t require amazing skills and I learnt a lot after. I made sure that I did my best with what I needed to do and made sure that everyone was happy with the work I was putting out, which is all I could do.

I look forwards to what is next and will look back on this module in particular with fond memories, it is where I learnt how to do so many things within the TV studio, I learnt how to adapt to a new setting and I learnt to keep your voice heard and not to be left in the crowd. It’s luck of the draw too, I’m not always going to get what I want or do what I want; which I know now, whereas before all I wanted to do was to show people what I can do, I’m not an idiot and am capable of handling whatever I’m given. People value whatever you can bring and I made sure I brought it this module, no matter the challenges that were brought to me I can look back and feel good because I know I did a good job and made it all work.


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