My Development & New Outlook (3rd post for Mez)

Coming out of the final first year module, I realise that I have learnt a lot. I have learnt a lot about what a good media production student is, how to really work in a hard working and opinionated team, how to work alongside someone of equal skill set and I have learnt what it really takes when coming to do something you have never done before.

Being very different to most of the other students on this course, it struck me only on this final module how hard it is to really be a good media producer. Coming from very little experience at all with the media subject, I had the most to learn out of anyone; and I have learnt a huge amount. The biggest thing I have learnt is that it is all really about competition, you work hard to get good grades and you work hard to be better and earn more awareness from others. Though it may seem an unusual and slightly abstract outlook on my first year, but it really is true. Leaving the final module in particular lead me to this conclusion, one that will be in my mind forever more.

Approaching this module was easy at first, I saw the great opportunity to really get involved and become more independent and adaptable to the studio environment. I really enjoy the TV studio and have come to see it as something that I really would like to pursue in the future. However not having a particularly important or challenging role didn’t cement my lust for the module; now I know that it isn’t reasonable to want to have the biggest or best job all the time, but when I didn’t receive a bigger job within the group; it didn’t help with my attitude towards the module. I loved the module at the end after seeing everyone work together so well and seeing how far I had come, but it was a struggle to be on the outskirts of everything. Though I fear that a bigger job would mean me messing up, I want to take far more risks for the rest of my media production degree and further on into my career.

Having a less skilled ability for the jobs that I was given (Graphics, VT Producer & Auto Cue), meant that I had to work harder to ensure everyone could count on me and that the jobs that me and Stacy were provided would be done with great enthusiasm and grace. This is where I learnt how to be efficient and work with someone who, like me isn’t skilled in the particular areas we were designated. We filmed the VT together, we sourced various clips to be used for VT’s and we ensured the auto cue was available to the presenters. We worked together well and came out on top as we guided someone to do the graphics, we used the auto cue well after the script was written and we filmed a VT for the show together. Team work in 2’s is the best!

I also learnt to really be heard within a big opinionated group. Being opinionated never was more important I agree, but it was rough at times. The group missed out on certain important aspects too, like deciding who our target audience for the show was. I made sure that my ideas and questions were heard and I tried to put as much input into the group that I could. Though without being a director or a producer, many peoples ideas were shot down. I liked mine and Stacy’s control however over the VT, we had the complete decisions on them. Being in a big group meant being more vocal than ever, which is what I began to be; because it’s really important to be so. A recent talk with a past student also made me realise that you can’t be shy anymore, you have to be vocal on everything and you have to believe in what you want to do and who you are to get to where you really want to be. Group work is really important to media production, it’s also important that you work well with others, something that I have no problem with! I love to work in big teams, we made a great TV show and it shows through all of our hard work and determination. A group is as strong as it’s weakest player, you have to do the best you can do with what you are given.

Overall I come out of the final module and the first year knowing more than what I did when I started the year. I have learnt the most this past term than any other, the reasons being because I know fully understand what I have learnt. I have learnt to learn on my own time; I have to make sure that I know what needs to be done and how, I learnt how to do so much this module. I also have learnt what it really means to be a good media student. 1 = Be the best you can be, 2 = Don’t be afraid to say something and 3 = be different, don’t be the same as everyone else. I look forwards to what is next, this module has taught me a lot; which I am glad about because it was about time it was knocked into me. I aim to really strive through the rest of my university career by becoming even more involved with the media world and doing separate projects, as well as maintaining a better outlook on my future and where I want to be.

roll on year 2.


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