Media Production & The Impact of Media Forms (2nd post for Mez)

Delivering multi-platform media content is what most websites do for TV shows, more so now than ever before. Multi-platform meaning providing a wider range of content from the show, which usually comes from the ‘behind-the-scenes’ or ‘extras’ pages of a website. As part of the final module, we were required to create a website with this in mind; that being Transmedia.

Delivering the show in more ways than one is the way forwards, which is why so many websites that I came across whist researching featured things like links to Twitter and Facebook pages as well as the more obvious methods of including extra content on the show for the user. Adding in more to the website than usual is something that helps for the show to ‘bond’ with it’s audience, the show requires an audience to be successful; which is why more and more shows are having extras placed onto the website, it allows the show to be seen in more than one way and it allows the show to become familiar with it’s audience. It could feature competitions, questions, games and even images. It is all set out to make the show user friendly and known to the world. Presenting the show in more ways than one is what makes the show more well known, that being on it’s website, or any of the social media sites that now have millions of users everyday. That being the show will become more well known through word of mouth or tweet by tweet, a good example is the reality TV show ‘The Only Way Is Essex’, which has seen it’s audience grow thanks to wider support coming in from the social media sites and it’s availability  on ITV’s main channel catch up website. Social media has never been more important in the media world, it’s all about linking up and keeping in contact with the audience.

The main focus though is to get all of the extra information and content (Transmedia Storytelling) to those who seek it. Audiences want more these days, many visit a website to get to know a show more, which is why it is important to stand out and have a lot of other pieces  that other sites may not have. Not only does it get the show seen more, it makes it look far more important and professional as it reaches out to it’s audience and seeks more interest in the show they are selling to the public.

Keeping it focused on Transmedia is also what happened through my designs of my website. I knew that links to the proper Facebook and Twitter pages of our show was imperative to include; as well as featuring a great deal of content on the website. The content being plenty of images, a lot of extra content, competitions, question possibilities and the links to the shows social media. Transmedia is important to the show and it required me to understand that a website needs to be up to date with the time and be improved all the time, though my website won’t, many TV shows update the content weekly; because it will keep the people coming in and visiting the site, thus getting the show talked about and seen far more. Getting the audience involved was also something that we featured within the show, with requests to follow us on our social media sites and constant reminders to keep in contact with the show.

Gaining more fans on a variety of different ways is what Transmedia is about, getting more and more people understanding whatever you are selling. I made sure that my website was designed and created to fit in with the show’s look and design, I added a healthy amount of extra content, asking for videos of the viewers performing magic tricks and I made sure that the links to the social media sites for the show were promoted heavily. I believe I have created a brilliant website that fits the genre of our show as well as keeping it fresh and imaginative. Transmedia storytelling is all about drawing in an audience as they seek more and more content from your TV show, I think my site can facilitate those needs and I am pleased with the outcome. The show can now gain more of a fan base than before.



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