Wix – Completion & Complete Overview (1st post for MEZ)

A link to my Wix website for MagicNetTV – magicnettv#!home|mainPage


Coming to the end of creating my Wix site for the programme we made, I have come to learn more about what I have learnt this past module; especially when it comes to thinking more about the whole creation process and what it means to me and the media world.

Finishing the filming for the LIVE TV show that we created in groups, I then came to develop the website for the show. Coming out of knowing more about the TV show and it’s content, it’s design and it’s relevance; I found it easier to then start developing ideas and thoughts on how I wanted the website to look like. Going through the designs, I wanted it to fit well with the theme of the show; magic, which meant there were a lot of elements that I thought could be added into the website to make it different and unique to another website.

Thinking of ideas I thought about more of the tone of the show and how I wanted it to be presented throughout the website. I wanted colours, images and the NetTV ‘brand’ to be presented through all of the websites pages. When it came to thinking more about the content I wanted what every TV show website would have, and then some. My main focus was on the extra stuff, because whenever theres a show on TV or if there’s something I want to find out more about then I always go onto the show’s website to find out more. Websites should always feature extra content because it makes the show more available and more accessible through the media; more people will eventually leaner more about it through various other people, sites and social media. Social media is the biggest thing that had to be included, transmedia is really important now; so it meant it was really required to be a heavy part of the site, because it wasn’t technically a part of the show that we filmed.

Without researching beforehand, I designed some ideas myself. I did this because I wanted to go in without being influenced beforehand and then after having a few different ideas and designs, it was then acceptable to go further on and look at other TV show’s websites and gather more ideas and plans. Learning that research is a very key element to any piece of media work, I had to feature some research within my ideas because it’s important to know what influences me in what I do and why. Influences from other websites will help me to come up with more ways to see what works and what doesn’t.

As development for the website continued and my ideas got bigger and grew, it was important for me to discover who my audience was for the website. Now a key problem that my Fantasy group had was that we never discussed who our key audience is, who was our show made for? It came down to me creating designs to fit into what I thought the audience would be, which I decided ages 12 – 18 would be the best fit for the website as well as how the show turned out. It became a struggle to decide this as we all should have discussed this through and through continuously as we got further and further into creating the show, but it all came down to me figuring out who I thought the key audience were. The  reason I found the particular audience to be the best fit for the show was because the general premise of the show and the content wouldn’t be of interest to a younger audience or a particular older audience, it is generally something that features content that would be of interest to my age and a bit younger, because of how the show came out that was the fitting audience that seemed to make most sense.

Having decided my target audience and my main design for the website, I began to create it. Wix is a very useful and easy tool to use and found it simple to use, which I am glad because when it comes to having a clear vision; it’s more gratifying to know it will be as you want  it to be. I created it all very quickly and completed the main pages for the website. The content of the website was dependant on other people within the group, for example one person was in charge of the behind the scenes clip. Having gathered many images from myself and other members of the group, clip art and google images; the website was completed.

Making sure that my website was focused on the audience was really key, it is the most important part to me; because I need to know who would use this, who would be on this website and who would be watching our show. Not knowing our target audience really helped me to look at the different ones and choose, which one was key? The general one that I chose meant that my designs altered a tad as i went through designing the website; this was really because I wanted the website to look modern and new but user friendly and really looking like the website that I would want to see and find enjoyable, but keeping in mind that younger people would be on the site too.

I am very pleased with how the website came together and even more pleased with how I handled the whole process of developing and creating this website. I look as this last module as a real learning curve for me, the real importance here being transmedia. Before I didn’t even know what it was, but now I consider it as one of the most important things when developing a TV show or creating a website. It’s all about accessibility, if it’s out there on a number of platforms then it’s going to be seen. I leave this now with more knowledge on what I will do in the future and look to myself becoming even more aware of the media and it’s growth, transmedia is the way forward and has been for a long time!; so lets get going, it’s going to be a fun ride from here on out.


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