Wix – Designing & Building My Website

Having completed research for my website it was time to settle on a design for it. I included a few last minute ideas into what I already had after looking more into other TV shows’ websites. Below is an image of the design that I came up with after looking more into what makes a good website.


The website design is something that I was really looking forwards to designing because it is something that I haven’t done in a long time, I do enjoy creating something from nothing. I decided to not use a template on Wix because I was already happy with the design that I had, though I later wish I had used one because of Wix’s difficult and often annoying presence as you click on anything. Wix is a very good and easy thing to use and I am so glad that it isn’t something far more technical like Dreamweaver, because it allows me to have a more creative outlook on what I want, as well as allowing me to have any last minute changes that I deem necessary .

Going through the process of creating the website was smooth and well crafted, I got it all done in 2 days (I wanted to make sure it was perfect). I included such things as information on the show, how to contact the show, a competition of the show and plenty of extra content from the show (which was mainly backstage things). I also wanted to make sure that the colours featured on the website were all from the set design and the main show logo. I added them because it goes more with the show and it makes it all look more relative and like they are of the same thing, which they are. I didn’t want the website to look too industrial either, this is because of how some other websites I have seen look to formal, if it’s for a TV chat show then it should look professional but not dull or bland.


The website features a lot of pages, which are all linked together. The website’s content is all to do with the show, I also even decided to make up a lot of other information about the show. The competition for the show is something that I found on most websites I researched, they are important to have included because it makes it look more like a proper site. The competition isn’t the only thing included; there are a few galleries of images from the show and a special gallery that is dedicated to the team that make the show.

I made sure that I had the links to the show’s Twitter and Facebook promoted heavily throughout the website, this is because it is very important for the show to be present to people in more ways than one. Transmedia they call it. It’s all about keeping the show in peoples minds, on peoples friends list or news feed. I was a important part in keeping both the Facebook and Twitter pages of the show updated and current, so it was important for me to have them on the site. It was something that also will benefit the show, because it gives it more publicity, more people will eventually learn about the show and then want to see it, therefore going onto the website and then tuning in. It’s promoting the show!

Other important aspects of the website are the episodes pages, which I wanted to include to allow people to catch up with the show as well as being able to watch clips of the show. To make the show available to anyone who wants it is important, I like how anyone can watch the show whenever they want. I made sure that the contact part of the website was key, it is very important to let viewers know that they can get in contact if they want to say something or have a question etc. The news page is a very interactive and interesting page of the website, one of my favourite pages of the whole site. I wanted to make sure that it looked busy (in terms of news) as well as looking  slick and ordered like the rest of the website is.

The outcome of the website is something that I am very pleased with, it didn’t take me long to figure how to use Wix and the whole process of creating the actual website didn’t take too long either; both of which I am very happy with. I love the website as I feel it has everything on there that a TV show fan would want or ever need! The extra content and news pages are my favourite as they are very interactive and feature lots of different things that I feel make my website stand out more than anyone else’s. I look forwards to letting people see the website and getting to know what they think about it, I hope that the website goes well with the TV show MagicNetTv. Overall this entire process has been a blast, I think I might have to use Wix more in the future!


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