TV Studio…5,4,3,2,1 We’re LIVE!!!

It’s all done! We have just completed our LIVE taping, with great results! Everyone worked really hard to make sure that everything was ready, and we made sure that we had a few times to film the actual programme. Nerves may have been there, but the show went off without too many problems!

The set was put up and everyone took their places, we had to make sure that we were all ready and able to do our jobs that we have been practicing for a while now. Me and Stacy decided instead of constantly switching between the main two roles that we were assigned, we stuck to one each throughout; which helped to keep everything at pace and without any proper technical glitches.

We began filming and made sure that there were a few times that we got to go through the show, so that we didn’t have just one take to use when it came to uploading the final programme. The show’s main problems were minor, we took a long time to get ready and many people didn’t get in dead on time (but no one noticed) and we had to make sure that everyone was willing and able to carry on and get the filming completed. The other problems were simply the presenters messing up (which is normal!) and a few technical problems in the gallery, but nothing major that ruined the production.

Looking back I have had a great time with this module, yes it has been a struggle in terms of getting our jobs done; it is hard to do something that you have never done before. This whole course is a learning curve for me so as I go along I’m working hard to make sure that everything is understood and okay; because it’s so important to me and my future.

We all worked so hard together and in the end well all wanted to make a great show and I feel that it will be reflected in the final footage, because we all have worked hard and well together so it’s impossible for it not to have gone right! I’m looking forwards to the screening next week and seeing everyone in the course again and seeing what they have been up to within this module.

Now all that’s left is finishing the show’s website!

Bring on Year 2!!!


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