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Having decided on a basic design for my website, I wanted to look at other TV show websites to see what they offer, what they look like and what structure they have for their audience. I know that I have to think more about what MagicNetTV’s target audience is because it wasn’t ever discussed within the group, which is a problem. I know that as we finish filming and everything is done, I will know and be able to select our audience officially. My designs may change after seeing other websites, but I wanted to maintain a clear mind when designing it and then researching; I didn’t want to be too influenced on how the website would end up looking like.

RESEARCH 1 – The One Show

The most disappointing website that I came across, it is very plain and boring. The logo is big and bright, but thats it really. There are many links to the series on Iplayer, and then information on past shows, links and recipes etc. It should be a better website for such a popular and well viewed show!

What I have learnt from this website:

  1. Information on the next upcoming show is good to have.
  2. bright logo and colour scheme works.

RESEARCH 2 – Loose Women

A very colourful website, it works well with the tone of the show; Women talking and laughing about life. The colours on the website are very bright and work really well to make it look fresh and interesting. There are plenty of images, slideshows and videos on the website; many of them are on the front page as links to other parts of the site. There is an interesting part of the website that allows you to learn more about who is on the show, there are recipes on the site, there are links to catch up on the show and much more! I really like this website because it has everything you could want from a chat show website. Social networking is also prominent as is competitions and other good extras on the site.

What I have learnt from this website:

  1. ‘Meet’ the stars of the show.
  2. Colour!
  3. Have various extra content on the website
  4. links to social networking are important!
  5. plenty of images.

RESEARCH 3 – Doctor Who

This website isn’t a chat show, but one that I feel can be relatable in terms of audience and content. To me, the show we created is for teenagers; which is where this show is also aimed at (young kids too). This website features a lot of extra content; episode guide, clips, character profiles and more. Having a page for extra content was something I always was going to feature, but I may have to add more into the site to make it worth being on there. The logo is prominent and the colour scheme is the same throughout. This website features heavy advertising for the BBC’s iPlayer, which is a good idea for people who may not be familiar with the show. I also like how the website delves into the history of the show, and especially like all of the content that the website has.

What I have learnt from this website:

  1. Extra extra content!
  2. Links to catch up with the show.
  3. Colour is good.

RESEARCH 4 – The Paul O’Grady Show

This website features a lot of interactive images, they all link to other pages of the website. There is a menu bar, which isn’t as detailed as others I came across. The logo is prominent throughout and so is the colour scheme. The images on the website are all very clear and big, with exclusive images throughout. The most important part of the website is the exclusive that is the first thing you see when you enter the site. There is also a very good idea of having social networking links on the bottom of the page, it shows who and how many people have liked the page and the show. The many different images and features on the website make it interesting, but it seems to all be placed onto one page, it may present the visitor what the site has to offer but for me it looks far too busy and could do with some simple links (like the ones on my design).

I have learnt from this website:

  1. Keep the logo prominent.
  2. A dark colour scheme works.
  3. Keep away from making pages too busy.

Overall I come away now from doing some research with a lot of more ideas, more so on content and what to really feature on my website to make it worth visiting. I want to make sure that it is designed well for my target audience as well as making sure that the colour scheme goes well, the images are displayed right, the extra content is of a good standard and the website as a whole isn’t too busy. The website doesn’t need too much featured on it to make it good; as long as all of the essentials are there.

The creation begins!



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