TV Studio – The Final Few Days…

It is little than 5 days until the big day! It’s finally time for everything to come together and NetTV gets all fantasied up! Everyone has been working so hard it’s great to finally see everyone comfortable and in their roles, everything seems to have fallen into place. Thank god! It’s finally going to be time to film very soon!

Mine and Stacy’s main focus over the past week has been practicing with the VT’s as well as beginning to focus more and more on the auto cue after we were informed we were required to operate it, though the director and producer both stated there would be no need for it. This has set us back as we now have to learn how to properly use the program in order to make sure that it can actually be used when we film live on tuesday.

We have all worked together well, it took some time but nowadays we are all happy together. I have made sure that I haven’t hidden away when something needs to be discussed, I have made sure that I have talked to everyone on the team and I have allowed myself to be pushed; in terms of what I feel comfortable doing, I have learnt more about the studio; which will help me in the future and I have allowed myself to become more open to doing things that are new and unfamiliar.

Everyone is doing their roles well, it has allowed me to see what really goes into making a TV programme; as well as giving me my own ideas and opinions on the many different jobs and how other people do them to how I would do them, which is good because without that I wouldn’t have a lot of ideas and opinions on how to improve or change in the future.

The latest thing that we both have achieved was filming the special guest of the program, we had him come in and perform a magic trick to a member of the ‘public’ so that we could have it added into the program as one of the VT’s. We filmed the whole thing together without a hitch as well as coming together to edit the 20 second VT. We had to make sure that it fit into the time scales that were provided and planned out for the show, this meant making sure the clip would feature an introduction to the guest; a magic trick, all in 20 seconds. We finished it all without a glitch, which allowed us all to have a complete run through as well as seeing how far we have come from the beginning of this module.

Seeing now that the show is coming all together, me and Stacy have had so much input that we forget sometimes. Though we haven’t had the biggest amount of say on the direction of the show, we have had a lot of input in the image of the show; that being the VT’s and the graphic design (which we didn’t create, but we supervised and designed). We have found it hard, me especially because this is something that we didn’t particularly feel comfortable doing; we weren’t happy with what we were given, but we got on with it and made the most out of what we were assigned to do. I am very pleased with what we have achieved together and I’m okay with the fact that we haven’t had a big role, though next time i’m hoping for a bigger and more prominent role within the media production modules.


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