Back To The Studio…

Coming back into the studio and getting back to work has shown me how much work needs to be done. Having returned from a break, we all have now come back refreshed. This means that we all now have a clearer understanding of what needs to be done.

The producer  and director finally settled on an idea on what the final VT would feature, a special guest rather than someone within the group. We have a lot to do! Me and Stacy are planning when to film the guest so that we can finally have the last VT that is required to be placed into the program. This is something that has taken too long, I feel that we could have done this a long time ago; especially before the half term, so that me and Stacy could have been able to focus on the other important aspects of our jobs. We have to now make sure that the auto cue is up to speed and everything is ready so that we can meet all of the requirements needed.

I took it upon myself to make sure that the Facebook page was updated following the long break away, I made sure that status’s were made and the profile and cover image was altered so that it looked like we have been using it more as well as having the page up to date as possible. I also have made sure that I have made input into the twitter page that the group created too, this being simple tweets and images that are related to the show. Trying to make sure that we have a growing fan base so that more people know about the show that we are all working hard to create, as well as making sure more people want to see more; more being our websites that are coming soon as well as the other pieces of content that are coming out of the studio sessions (other than the main programme).

All being back together now is all about making sure that we have everything ready on time as well as allowing us to have fun, learn more and work well together! It’s time to get to work!


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