MOVIE REVIEW!! – The Avengers


Marvel have been planning this for a long time, the worlds favourite superheroes coming together in one almighy movie full to the brim of ass kicking fun. Plus it’s never been a better time for them all to come together, Joss Whedon’s directing.

A major threat to all life on earth has Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson) all shaken up, which means the avengers plan is finally time to be started. Bringing Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Captain America (Chris Evans), Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), Black Widow (Scarlet Johansson) and Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) all together.

Bringing them together and actually allowing them all enough screen time is somewhat of a challenge, yet each character is given plenty of screen time. They all are introduced well and carry each other throughout the film, despite the possible ‘low points’ of the film being the underdeveloped Black Widow and Hawkeye; everyone is given screen time that allows the audience to understand why they are there and what they want out of this avengers scheme.

Throughout the film there are a number of great and actually very funny moments, thats all down to the man who is down to bringing us this film; Joss Whedon. Using all of his 47 years of comic geek wisdom and funny man thoughts into this movie; which ultimately sets the film out to any other superhero film out there. Theres a real sense of realism and modern day attitude to this film, he knows what he wants and the film couldn’t have needed a better man for the job. Altogether the films funny lines adds to the enjoyment of the film, captivating the audience in something more than just the jaw dropping CGI and action sequences. Joss allows the show to stay slick and full of crowd pleasing moments, he’s done a slick job; $200million was well spent I say.

The action brings the film together, something that brings your jaw to the ground. Something that is always a mistake in films is when there isn’t enough action for a character and with so many heroes here, the action needs to be balanced; here it is given out more than they can chew. So good and yet so powerful to the characters development and forming friendships. The finale will have you amazed, something that brings the film to another level, it’s very clever.

Pointing out one actor in particular, Mark Ruffalo is the stand out of the film, more so his characters alter ego The Hulk. Bringing the over adapted character into the mix has finally worked and Hulk finally fits on the screen how he should. Bringing much of the films comic relief, Mark plays the big green fighting machine extremely well; leaving hope for a new Hulk reboot in the future. Keep an eye out for Hulks zingers. Not forgetting Tom Hiddleston who’s second outing as Loki requires a mention too, top stuff.

Avengers was always going to be good, the worlds favourite superheroes all in one film what could have gone wrong?! everything. Thank god that Joss brought what he has to the table, the film combines everything a hero film needs and adds more to it. Forget what you think you know about a superhero, they might just have something in them to surprise you; that’s what I’ve found out after seeing this film. Of course the film has flaws; the underdevelopment of Scarlet and Jeremy’s characters brings a lack of passion or compassion to the audience (though they are the only ones who haven’t had their own films) and the lack of use of the other forces within the avengers team (stand out Cobie Smulders) makes it all about the core characters.

In what has to be the best superhero film to come out of Hollywood, The Avengers has everything you could want; and then some. The action is there, the thrills are there and thanks to funny man director Joss Whedon, the laughs are there. Being different never looked so good. Awesome and epic, this is something you won’t and shouldn’t want to miss.


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