TV Studio – We’ll Be Right Back!

It’s finally time for a easter break, which means we have three weeks away from the studio! There is still a lot to do, but I thought that it would be a good time to catch up on what has happened over the last few weeks. We all have been working very hard to maintain a good show as well as working hard together to get the best out of each other, but there have been issues along the way!

  1. Roles Allocated – Everyone was given their roles through the voting system, we didn’t get to pitch our choices. Me and Stacy were given the jobs of Graphics, autocue and VT producer. I found it hard to adjust to the amount that would be required from me as I haven’t ever done anything like the jobs that I have been assigned, though I like a challenge and stood up and accepted the challenge! We worked the best we could to make sure that we got what was needed of us….
  2. Work Begins – Everyone quickly began to settle into their roles quickly, which allowed everyone to get to know each other better. There lacked direction much through the progress when it came to my jobs, the VT job was dependant on the producer and director deciding what they wanted to be featured on the show, which still hasn’t been 100% decided as we go into the final stage. The group works well together nonetheless, which I enjoy and am pleased to get to know many of my peers.
  3. VT’s – As we go into the break, the most important VT is still not completed, this is because it hasn’t been sourced and it hasn’t actually been decided what or who it will contain. I have found and edited three other VT’s from YouTube that were agreed upon by the producer, which fit into what the show is about. They were easy to complete and I am pleased that that part is over because it took a while for us to find good magic tricks online, though we were going to use our own magic tricks that each member of the group would come to film; not many people have completed it. I hope that we can get it all done in good time and in good quality before the filming day arrives, it shouldn’t be a massive problem but it’s frustrating because there hasn’t been much discussion on who it could be or what because there have been issues with actually finding someone and deciding what it has to feature.
  4. Graphics – I designed a few ideas for the opening sequence credits, which I showed to David (who agreed to help design what we visioned). He decided to design the logo himself without our ideas or approval and went on to make the two VT’s without really talking it through with me and Stacy, yes we are very pleased with what he has created but with it being our job we find it frustrating again that he didn’t come to us and talk it all through; because it is our job to design the graphics used as well as our job finding someone who can create it all for us. He’s done a great job theres no doubt about it and I really like that he’s taken the time to help us, but the lack of communication simply got in the way.
  5. Autocue – Having learnt how to do this very early on in the practice sessions, I was willing to use it throughout the development of our show; However the director told us we won’t be using it so we haven’t really paid attention to it which I feel is a mistake.
What Happens Next…
We have a three week hiatus, When we return all we will need to do is find someone to film for the last remaining VT and have him/her practice with the group throughout rehearsals ready for the LIVE filming that is coming up very soon. It can be done and seeing what a great group this is, I see little problems on the horizon because we have gone through so much already that it would be silly to simply say that it can’t be done. We have a great show and I can’t wait to come back and see what it all looks like all done and completed and ready to be filmed, we’ll be right back.



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