TV Studio! Progress & Problems

Having had all of our roles allocated and everyone okay with what was going on, it was time to further discuss what was to come over the next few weeks. We have a lot of work to do and not a lot of time to do it! I certainly can’t wait for the developments that are to come and i’m excited to see how everyone really works together.

Me and Stacy are getting more and more involved with what has to be done on our part throughout the module, something which we have found hard to come to terms with as there is something that we have to do, but something we have to learn all about as well. We haven’t been given jobs that we are familiar with so we have to sort out various things to enable everything that we need to get done to be done. We are making sure that we will make everything done with a great attitude great skill.

Our main jobs include…

  • Autocue – The script on one of the cameras to enable the presenters to read it without their notes.
  • VT Producer – Creating and sourcing videos for the show to use throughout it’s 10 minute run.
  • Graphics Producer – Designing and creating the shows logo and more.

We will be making sure that we become familiar with the jobs that we have been allocated, as well as finding people within the group to help us when we need it. We will be needing assistance to make sure that we have a greater chance of creating something that is worth using as well as having everything look great and well thought out and planned.

Developments within the group have been minimal, we have simply been going through the jobs with random show ideas. We have made sure that we have enough practice time to enable us all to get plenty of time to like what we do. We do have to decide on whether we are having someone come in and perform a magic trick, or if we can actually find a magician; the director and producer are very vague on what they actually want at this point which does worry me because I need to get everything done in good time to enable us to have enough time to practice with everything, I have designed a few ideas for the titles, logo and closing credits; which we have found one person within the group who is willing to help us and make our vision come through, we trust that he will come through on this because we were assured that it was okay to get help from those more skilled than us. The script is still in development as of late, which doesn’t particularly help the group; i’m looking into helping on that one but have hoped to find a possible team on that one. It’s all down to the producer and director.

Here’s to the next couple of weeks going smoothly and everything coming out okay, I hope that everything comes together soon because I don’t want to be worrying or rushing to get something done. The producer and director need to decide what their vision for the show is and then me and Stacy can move forward with the VT’s and the graphics.


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