Posted in April 2012

Back To The Studio…

Coming back into the studio and getting back to work has shown me how much work needs to be done. Having returned from a break, we all have now come back refreshed. This means that we all now have a clearer understanding of what needs to be done. The producer  and director finally settled on … Continue reading

MOVIE REVIEW!! – The Avengers

  Marvel have been planning this for a long time, the worlds favourite superheroes coming together in one almighy movie full to the brim of ass kicking fun. Plus it’s never been a better time for them all to come together, Joss Whedon’s directing. A major threat to all life on earth has Nick Fury … Continue reading

TV Studio! Progress & Problems

Having had all of our roles allocated and everyone okay with what was going on, it was time to further discuss what was to come over the next few weeks. We have a lot of work to do and not a lot of time to do it! I certainly can’t wait for the developments that … Continue reading