TV Studio – Roles Allocated!

It was finally time to assign roles within the fantasy group. I came well prepared with a pitch for why I wanted to do the job that I was aiming for. Having gone through most of the jobs throughout the practice sessions, I had one job and one job only in my mind that I was aiming for; I knew not many people would be going ahead for the position so I didn’t pick a second option. I was also the main person to be vision mixer throughout the practice sessions. The job I chose to pitch for was…

Vision mixer

A device used to select between several different video sources and in some cases compositing (mix) video sources together to create special effects.

Despite my efforts of creating points for a pitch, we were told there would be a simple voting system; which I know wasn’t how the other groups did it. This made me worried that I wouldn’t get the job I wanted because of how everyone wouldn’t know how much I wanted an important role within the group.

I didn’t get the job of vision mixer. I have been left with the role of ‘auto-cue, VT producer and graphics’ the three jobs that were left because no one wanted them. They have to be the blandest jobs that are featured in the module. I will be working alongside Stacey Mcbride. We both are dreadfully annoyed with the roles that we have been given, especially given how we weren’t given the chance to pitch and let everyone know how much we wanted a role. It became a popularity contest, which in my mind isn’t fair or right.

Despite my disappointment I will be making sure that I put all of my hard working attitude into these jobs. I will also be making sure that I do my upmost best to turn my worry and frustration into making sure everything that we need to do is done when it’s needed and done with great enthusiasm. I know that you don’t always get what you want etc, my only frustration is that my roles within group work are always ones that aren’t prominent or important. Many people got what they have wanted and are doing the jobs they aimed for, let’s hope it all goes well and I can do what will be needed of me.


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