TV Studio Discussions & Decisions

With more and more discussions being held, it was time for us all to decide more on what we all wanted to do within the group. The discussions so far are rather vague and many people have been louder and more controlling than others within the discussions, but it has allowed us all to see what people will be like when it comes to getting down to work.

It has allowed me to see more about what I want to do within the group, as well as allowing me to know that it is time for me to speak up and make sure that other people get their opinions herd. I have had to make sure that before my voice is herd because within a big group it is hard to get everyone to talk and see others opinions and I feel that many people aren’t taking group work as group work and more like their project and their ideas.

In order for everyones ideas to flow more we all have to be vocal about our ideas.


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