Magic! My Ideas…

I have come up with many ideas that I plan to talk about to the rest of the group for the development and set up of our television programme, here are my ideas and research into magic and how we can incorporate it into the programme that we will come to produce throughout the last module. The main theme of the show that we have to produce is fantasy, we have decided to aim for magic as the main influence from fantasy because it is something that we feel has the most potential and interest to go further.


1. Have a basic demonstration with someone who knows magic – Simple magic trick that allows the audience to see what magic is, there could be a number of different tricks featured within the show.

2. Make a demonstration into a competition for the presenters, make it interesting – Have the presenters learn something LIVE on the show and then they have to compete to see who is better at it. To make it better it could be some sort of magic trick or something other than magic like a game.

3. Add different elements into one (Add different experiences into the show) – Have something like a demonstration of magic, using the fantasy guidelines, meaning have a trick etc that can be relatable to the main guidelines. Tricks could be the main focus of the show, as well as having other bits that could be similar and effective too; other demonstrations perhaps.

4. Add the history of Fantasy/magic into the show – Incorporate a special aspect of magic by talking about it’s history and how it has developed throughout the many years that it has been in practice.

These are basic ideas that I have come up with, I will be bringing them up in the time that we are all together to allow myself to have some input into the show that we create. I have wanted to make sure that the ideas I came up with were easy enough to create as well as being something interesting and possibly different, we want to and need to make something that hasn’t been done before.

I made sure that I became familiar with magic and allowed myself to have some time to read into what it is and what it means to society etc. I have come up with these ideas as a form of thinking more about what I would want to see on a show that features magic, it is important to keep the audience interested and intrigued, because we have to allow ourselves to make a show that anyone and everyone would want to watch.


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