161MC – Part 2: The TV Studio!!

Coming out of the last module knowing that I wanted to work harder than ever and allow myself to accomplish more, I am looking forward to what this new module may bring. I am excited to look at what a TV studio is and what it means to work within one.

I have an idea of what role I want to do and what part I would like to play within the group, but I want to make sure that I have had a go at many of the roles, so then I know a lot more and what role I feel I would be best fitted for and what part I would be suited for the most.

The theme that our program has to be featured under is fantasy, which I already have a number of ideas for. This is something that I feel can be developed into something great and wonderful, I know that I want to have something that we all work hard on and come out the other end knowing that we all did our very best and that we are proud of whatever we accomplish.

I know that this is going to be a tough module and I am excited to learn a lot and gather a better insight into the TV studio world, here’s hoping that I get a decent role within the group as well as making sure that my voice is heard and my opinions and ideas are given a decent airing. I want to work harder than ever before in this so I want to be more involved in something than before!

watch this space! Fantasy based TV programme is coming soon!


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