Reflection 3 – People To People Completion

Coming out of another group project has meant that I have learnt even more than before. This has been a real test to group working, being on three people in the group meant that a lot of jobs were done by one person. I have to say that this group has worked incredibly well together in ensuring that the film would be of a good standard and meet all the criteria that is deemed necessary. We have been faced with a number of hurdles to jump, but have come out the other end with a film that I feel portrays the character well and is something that can be enjoyed by all.

The best thing that I have learnt from this specific experience is to make sure that my opinion is heard. Looking back I have had a lot to say on this piece, especially as it was my grandmother that was featured in the film. I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t pushed out and to make sure that my ideas were taken in and noted. Before on many occasions I found it hard to get my point across and hard to maintain a healthy working attitude because my ideas weren’t being processed, but this time I know my thoughts were heard.

My favourite part of this project has been the filming, but mainly the editing. I have come to see more of what it means to get from an idea to a film. It has all taken a lot of work, which is something that I haven’t found a chore. I have enjoyed working in this group as I have also enjoyed piecing together and pointing out what I think should of been included within the film that was created. We have worked extremely well as group and have all had many important roles to fulfil, which is something I have also come to learn to be important. It isn’t a one man project, there were three of us and we made sure that everyone played a vital and equal role within this people to people project.

This project has enabled me to really come to grasp what it is to be a media producer, what it takes to go from an idea to something on the screen. I have found this out before, but through this project I feel it more than ever; mainly because I think of how much work I did within the group, it all depended on us three working all the time to get things done and it made me realise how important and useful I can be within a media production group; something I have come to worry about in the past.

I am very pleased with the work we have done as well as how much I have learnt throughout this project. I know now more things than I did before and I look forwards to my next projects; now I know it’s important to get your view across.


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