People To People – Process & Development

Having come to the final stage of completing the People To People film, the group knew that in order to make the film stand out and be something different and exciting; it would all be done to hard work and patience within the editing process.

There was a great amount of footage that we had to go through, all of it was shot well and each piece came with something useful and interesting to the story we were telling. There was just the long process of having to cut away things that seemed really good and different; but ultimately wouldn’t fit into the project. We all were very vocal on the bits that we found to be good and bad; especially when it came to a disagreement on particular scenes or shots.

I really liked how well we all worked together, we want to do good work and want all of the project to be something we look back on as something that we found really enjoyable and something that allowed our collaborative juices to thrive. We all have different ideas, different opinions and different views; which I think has made the final outcome so much better than what I first had thought.

Editing is something that I always come to dislike and this time was no different, though it is something that has to be done; I haven’t ever found it to be thrilling. This time however I have felt more attached to the project, more like my view is something that matters and counts, this is a smaller group that I have worked in; which is something that I have come to see as why I have this project in particular more enjoyable than other pieces of work.

Putting it all together helped us to see what parts are important and also what parts weren’t needed. We started with so much footage and eventually came down to the essentials. One thing that we wanted to have in there was humour, especially as Patricia is such a humorous lady and someone who loves a laugh; it was important to have the serious footage that told a story, but also to have the pieces that showed the soft and funny side to her. There is one part of the film where she talks about sharing the food; which is something that I specifically wanted in there, because it is funny and true to the character; but so sad and real in another sense because you come to think more about what she is saying and what she really had to endure.

The footage was something that we all came to have different opinions on, we altered many scenes countless times to see each others ideas and what we wanted to see with the scene and what we all thought it should look like (which took a lot of time). Though it wasn’t on all of the footage we all wanted to make sure that we had each others thoughts and notes on each piece down to make sure that we made the best film possible. We had many comments that suggested that we go back and film more of my nan doing her normal day to day objectives; but we found there to be enough footage and enough variety in shots that we didn’t feel it important or necessary to go back, plus it wouldn’t have been possible as my nan was unavailable for further filming. We did what we did with what we had, which I’m proud of us for doing because we believed in our footage and ourselves to enable the film to be good enough and of the standard that was set for us and our team.

Overall I have come to really enjoy this project. It is something that has brought about my fears to turn them into something else. I have learnt a great deal on what it means to really work in a team, especially when it is a small one like ours. I have also come to see how much editing really depends on your outlook on what you want to say, what you want people to think and see; it’s very much a important part of telling a story and  bringing to life something that you believe in.

I certainly believe in my nan and what she has to say, no matter other people’s opinions. I’m so pleased with our work and how well we have done and I’m especially proud of my nan because she was incredibly nervous, she did a great job.

Patricia: ‘Past and Present’


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