Reflection 2 – People To People Progress

Approaching the decision to do my grandmother was simple and quick; because of the story that I pitched to the other members of the group. Patricia has a lot to say on anything you ask her, which is why I knew she would be the perfect fit to this assignment. I thought that it would be the best idea out of the ideas that came up, that’s me being biased; but also because I know so much that she can tell. Patricia has a great deal of knowledge as well as

Coming to the decision made me more open to other people’s views on my pitches as well as other people’s ideas; though many seemed to lack proper research or inspiration for telling a true story and what this project title is and what is required; though I’m not saying the ideas that were suggested weren’t good or worthy. I was pleased mine was the one selected to be taken further. Planning and coming to film the piece was done with great efficiency and professionalism, the group knew what had to be done and what needed to be shown to allow the film to reach it’s ‘worthy’ potential and be something actually worth a watch. Throughout the shoot we played around with different ideas of questions as well as altering the camera shots throughout; as long as Patricia was comfortable, then everything was okay; which she was perfectly so. We made sure we all had roles that were important as well as taking each others ideas into account throughout the process. Changing every so often allowed us to have different shots as well as different ways of presenting her and other footage that was filmed when it comes to edit. We made sure we had plenty of footage as well as a variety of shots that could be mixed.

Overall I am very pleased with how far we came in a short amount of time as well as how well we have come to work as a group throughout the decision, the development and the filming; lets hope this good working attitude can continue throughout until the end of the project. 


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