161MC – A Complete Reflection

This entire module has brought about man challenges for me, I have worked hard on making sure that I have maintained a healthy attitude to my work as well as continuing my heavy work load with an open imagination and concentrated mind. I have enjoyed this module more than I thought that I would, it has been interesting to discover more on transgressive media as well as learning more on what a brand means to someone and their work. I also have been able to continue work from other modules by combining them and creating a whole other interactive view on the story of Heather Westwood from 160MC; and retelling an old and classic fairytale in a modern and also interactive way.

Here I have evaluated further my work from this module into one mega 161MC evaluation blog post!

Logo & Branding

The first project was to focus on what a brand is; developing a logo for myself and getting familiar with knowing what a brand represents, what it means to someone and why it is important to be a brand when you work in the media business. It began with finding logos that I felt represented me as a person, something that inspired me as well as helped me to make me decide what to do and why; especially when it comes to choosing media production as a degree to take, meaning film production logo’s     etc. I found this to be interesting and useful, because it made me realise more about how I could represent myself with a logo.

Finding more inspiration for my own logo design, I looked for images that wouldn’t always be used in a logo. I chose three main images to move forwards with, an eye; a clapperboard and a tree. I swiftly decided that the eye was the best idea to move forwards with in terms of developing the logo. I decided to create two logo’s, this is because I was worried that the eye logo wouldn’t be good enough or look decent enough to actually use. Overall I created two logos and decided to go with the one influenced by the eye images, because of it’s character and how different it is compared to many of the other logo’s that are out there and were created throughout this project by other students.

To make sure that the logo was of a good enough standard that I wanted it to be, the work was reviewed and it was stated that there was only one major flaw with my design of the logo, which was the font; which was changed after I realised he was right, it needed to be clearer so everyone could read it; as well as not allowing it to look too cartoony or silly. The image above is what the logo looked like before I made any final adjustments. The image below is the final logo, with the font changed. I like the newer version because it looks more professional and far more clearer.

The name of the brand that I have created for myself is focused on me doing various pieces of media, not just sticking to something specific; I didn’t want it to look as though I was limiting myself to particular aspects of media; because I’m not entirely sure what I would want to focus on at the moment, so it fits my criteria perfectly at the moment.

I researched a great amount to make sure that I understand what it is to make a brand and what can be included within a brand. I wanted to make sure that the logo I created too was good and it stood out among the crowd; which I think it does, because it is different as well as being catching on the eye.

Overall I have learnt a great deal of what it means to brand yourself, how important it is especially when working within the media. I have also come to respect the fact that so much has to go into presenting yourself within a logo. I found it hard to narrow myself down to one logo, but am very happy with the final logo that I have chosen. I also wanted to have more time to make it even better, but feel that this is good enough for me as a media producer. I am happy that I have presented myself well enough through a logo and brand. The only major problem through this process was the actual creation, I took a photo of my eye; which was fine, but it was the process; photoshop. It is a very difficult program to use, so I only hope that it can only get easier as I progress through the course; nevertheless I have created a good logo and have finally branded myself.

Recycled Media

To make this project work and allow it to really be recycled I focused on using work from the 160MC module. I decided to include my poem from 160mc2 and my character Heather Westwood from my cabinet of curiosities group from the 160mc module. I had always been really proud of the character that we had created as a group, because there were so many ways to continue her story; especially as we left the characters story open.

I decided to incorporate the character into the other pieces of work that I created, because they would go well. This is also to make the project ‘recycled’. The poem that was created was used as something that the character created with her therapist in her counselling sessions that she was involved in. The poem was perfect to include, because it is of a topic that she would talk about. Heather doesn’t know who she is, she has many identity issues; so it was useful that my poem is based heavily on who you are as a person.

The basic story is it’s been ten years since we last saw Heather (since the 160 module) and her father has just passed away. Heather has to go back to where she grew up and where her mother was killed, Zimbabwe; to sell all of her fathers property so that she can move on with her life at last, But she learns that her father has been lying to her all of her life. Her mother isn’t dead and the fire was caused by her father. She now has to rediscover who she was in the place she grew up or risk another breakdown, there are so many questions that she needs that won’t get resolved…or will they?!

I loved doing this, because the character has such depth and can be altered through and through; she’s such a diverse character that I had to continue her story in some exciting way. There is so much that could be done to continue her story, many different approaches.

Prezi: Heather’s Journey

I chose Prezi as the way to tell the story, something that I became very comfortable with quickly as well as efficiently. I presented heather’s journey clear and without too much detail, because I feel the story that I created is a mystery, Heather won’t ever really find out what happened, but I wanted to leave it to the readers imagination as to what happened next. Prezi is a storytelling tool, so it was the perfect choice to have included as my I also used google maps to help tell the story, it allows the project to look more diverse as well as creating a new depth to the storytelling. Google maps helped me to show what Heather’s plan was, what happened when she went back to Zimbabwe.

I recycled media to tell Heather’s story, which is something that I have really enjoyed. There is so much to the character that was created in the 160mc module and I couldn’t have resisted to revisit the character. I really like the story too, it has a lot of mystery to it; which is something I know people will want answers to. I liked how I could use other bits of media that I had created to tell a recycled story. The 160mc and 160mc2 work combined have worked really well, especially because of how they can be related to each other. Overall I have enjoyed recycling media to create this Prezi journey, but also I have loved showing Heather’s journey and what happened next.

Modern Retold Fairytale

I chose to use the story of ‘The Little Mermaid’ to update into the 21st century. With this story being one of my favourites, I decided to think about what would happen to a mermaid in this era. I quickly decided to have the story be the same, up until the little mermaid rescues the prince. I wanted it to feel as if it is the same disney story, but then turns into something unexpected. I also decided not to have the main villain from the disney movie featured in my retelling, because the prince would soon become the villain of my story.

Being able to change the story allowed me to get real, many stories that are done by disney all end in a happy ending; so this made me think more about what happens in real life, not everyone gets their happy ending, so I decided to make the mermaid suffer. One of the main things that helped me and guided me to the story that I completed was the image below, it is something that I find to be very interesting; the photographer has done what she thought would happen if the mermaid was around today, and I agree. If someone found a mermaid now, she would be captured and placed into a zoo or something along those lines.

I chose to use Prezi again, because I had become familiar with it and thought it was the perfect way to tell the story that I wanted to tell. It also helped to move the story along, it kept reminding me to keep to the main points and not go off topic for something that isn’t really related to the story 100%, which helped me a great deal in deciding what to with the story.

The Little Mermaid doesn’t get what she wants, because I feel that stories like these should present bad obstacles like what happens in my story, life isn’t so perfect! The original story from Hans Christian Anderson doesn’t end happy either, the mermaid dies and goes to heaven; which isn’t as bad as mine but I read the story and knew that I wanted to do something along those lines, my mermaid doesn’t die; but she’s incredibly unhappy with what she got out of life when she was begging to join ours.

I love the story that I have created, I used the original story, the disney story and added a lot of my own content into the mix to create a modern day story of ‘The Little Mermaid’ and I am very pleased with the outcome. I worked hard to ensure that it was of a decent standard as well as putting a lot of effort into creating the modern story, I used Prezi as well as google maps and youtube to tell the story; all which I think helped me to create something that is different and crazy; but at the same time it all works together brilliantly to tell the story of a mermaid who wants something that she ultimately cannot have. I’ve loved it.

The Little Mermaid: A Modern Retelling


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