Once Upon A Time 4: Modern Fairytale ‘The Little Mermaid’…

Having come up with the idea of how ‘The Little Mermaid’ could be retold in a modern way, I had to decide how and where to present the story. I chose the storytelling and presentation tool Prezi, this is because I had become familiar with the program and was comfortable with experimenting with it to make the story interactive and different to something that had been done before. I enjoyed making the story, as this particular fairytale is one of my favourites out there; especially as I got to tell the story my way and with my own imagination, which is something that I have always wanted to do with this story; which makes this task one of my favourites so far.

Going through Prezi I wanted to make sure that the development of the story was good enough, I didn’t want to lose focus on what the modernised story of the mermaid was, so I made sure that there wasn’t too much in each section of the story on Prezi.

I also wanted to make sure that I stuck to the story that I developed myself, but also have certain parts of the original film featured in there to make it familiar and allow people to see it and remember the original story. It was also to help show that the story is really what would happen in the real world, the mermaid wouldn’t get what she wanted and would have learnt a valuable lesson out of everything that happens to her. I wanted to make sure that I pointed out that not everyone in life gets what they want, everyone has dreams; but not everyone gets what they want, desire or deserve. Disney in particular aren’t use to having sad or bad endings, which is why I wanted this story in particular to have a sad tone to it as well as having the ending open for people’s own thoughts on what happened to the mermaid once she was captured.

The image above was actually my true inspiration for this project, it is exactly what I would imagine in my mind to what would happen now in the 21st century, something that I wanted to point out is that if mermaids actually existed; then it is most likely that they would be in some kind of enclosure or even a type of zoo. The image helped me to develop ideas for the piece as well as helping me to get to grips with modernising the story and making it relatable to the modern day. It’s a very interesting image and helped me a great deal throughout this process.

It all came out very well and I am pleased with how it looks and how the story is told. I like Prezi a lot and have liked getting used to using it, it is definitely something that I would use in the future, especially for a storytelling project or a presentation because it is so well designed and gives you the freedom to do literally anything you would want to. Excellent for a media producer! I have loved making this classic story modern way and I’m sure that the creator of the story Hans Christian Anderson would approve of my modern retelling of the story that he wrote, but I’m not too sure Disney would approve!

Here is the Prezi story:

The Little Mermaid: A Modern Retelling


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