(OTHER) What To Do If You Win An Oscar…

The 84th Academy Awards aren’t too far away now, so why not see tips on what to look out for when the winners are announced? Things can go wrong; or worse, the loser’s face may be caught on camera! There are so many bad speeches that have been made over the years; so Empire Magazine thought it time that they made this article. Here are the  best tips on what to do if you win Hollywoods biggest award!

Looking through Empire magazine’s website; I came across one article that I thought was worth sharing, this magazine has all of the top tips to what to do and what not to do when you win an Academy Award; though it’s very unlikely that most of the magazine’s readers will actually one day win an Oscar, I found it entertaining and interesting to see what they think are the main problems with acceptance when it comes to winning an Oscar.

What stuck out most for me when I was reading this was how accurate they have got it! Yes winning an Academy Award will most likely be the biggest thing for your career, but it isn’t all about ruining the moment to thank those who got you there and most importantly remembering to be gracious of the fact that you have won something so prestigious. The article may be poking fun at those acceptance speeches that weren’t too goo (Gywneth) or others that were too brilliant, but I thought it’s fun nature actually made me think how so many people ruin what may be their one time to accept such a award.

The one thing that I think I would make sure I would do, if I was to ever win something like this; would to be funny. Everyone likes a funny speech, but also I would make it good enough that I mentioned what I had to as well as allowing myself to thank those who are closet to me and those who got me there. Something that so many people forget to do when it comes to their time to shine! It’s about being real, but knowing that it isn’t everything to win something…

This article made me think more about awards too overall; what it means, most of the time they don’t mean much. You don’t have to win anything to be good at what you do, you don’t have to win to be a better person. Many Oscar winners have gone into the sunset, or many have gone back to old career habits. It doesn’t mean everything to win; but then I guess when it comes to the Oscars then it is; but who really cares about how many trophies you have? Unless you’re Meryl Streep and you should have more awards to your name.

Award shows should have classes, there are way too many bad speeches out there; these media folk should learn more about being good at speeches; especially actors who mostly seem to forget that it is their jobs at the end of the day!

Awards are fun, even if you just pretend with your shampoo bottle.

Here is the link! http://www.empireonline.com/features/oscar-winning-etiquette/


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