Movie Review: Friends With Benefits Vs No Strings Attached

Two films about the same thing, released the same year; must have the same things going for them? NO. These two films have many differences, one of them being Justin Timberlake…

  • Natalie Portman – FUNNY. (extra star)
  • Both films are funny, zingy and good.
  • Both films have great supporting roles (woody allen and man from new girl and lake bell)
  • Ashton is ashton, justin is naked justin
  • both good concerning the fact that they are both about casual sex
  • no strings written by …upcoming funny writer elizabeth meriwether
  • no strings feels more real? more real situations like jobs
  • friends with benefits lacks something like real situations
  • ashton wants a relationship, mila and justin don’t, eventually do.
  • no is more about the chase whereas friends is about two people coming together
  • no is a traditional rom com, friends is different


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