(EVALUATION) Editing: Part 2 – Putting It Together & Reflecting

The script done, The actors found, The filming done, The next step? EDITING.

 Having decided what I wanted my version of ‘Kemistry’ to look like, I began to edit all of the footage together. I found it hard to make sure that all of the good footage would be used, as well as making sure that everything would be cut together well enough for no problems to be seen in the final piece. I have found it a very hard thing to grasp (final cut) because of it’s many buttons and it’s different techniques to come to what I want it all to look like.

I’m making sure that I am focusing more and more on what I want it to all look like and also what I set out to make it all look like. The writer of the script took the TV show ‘Skins’ as a major influence, so I have researched it thoroughly and made sure that I know what that show looks like and also what my film looks like. Though I don’t want it too look too much like the show.

I first began to piece all of the footage together, in order for me to get everything how I wanted it. I read the script again, to make sure that I remembered where everything went and how the story progressed. I then put the footage together and then thought more about how I wanted the film to look, so I made sure that I included clips of certain bits of the footage that would create suspense as well as drama, this was to let the audience know that there is something bad coming for the characters. I focused on having one particular clip that features all of the characters drinking, which is the essence of the film and the story. These particular clips are also made faster, so that the audience do not see what is going on entirely; because it allows the tension to become greater as well as allowing the audience to know that something is going to happen, something that cannot be good.

Parts of the footage weren’t useable, which frustrated me because we should have done so much better to make sure that much of the footage would actually be useable for us in the editing stage. I had to make sure that much of the footage was cut properly (to make sure that mistakes weren’t seen) but there is one significant part of the film where the camera can be seen in the shadows, which is something that should not happen at all at this stage; but then it’s all a learning experience for us. The footage also had to be adjusted due to some of the ‘rave’ footage being too dark for the audience to be able to actually see what was happening, this meant I had to make sure that much of the footage was adjusted with final cut pro’s magic enhancements that can be made to the footage when editing. This is something that really annoyed me because I didn’t want to have to mess around making sure that every scene was light enough or the sound was good enough, this should have all been done and made correct when filming, which I blame only my group; because we should have known better than to not think 100% about what we were doing at the time. Though all in all, it wasn’t all of the footage that had to be adjusted, which is good.

Making sure that all of the pieces of footage were together right, the sound was good enough and the music that I added in made this process very time consuming as well as frustrating. Though the sounds used (from Freesound.org) are very effective within the edit. I feel as though I’ve been pushed in the deep end without proper warning of what I was letting myself in for, which again is frustrating. I can only learn from these experiences to make sure that my work in the future is better as well as my skill abilities. I can only pray that they do, because from this experience it is going to be a lot of work! Nevertheless I have really enjoyed doing this, which is unusual as I hated it at the same time; but it has helped me to see that I must step up my game to make sure that I am more prepared than ever in the future, things can get better If I make sure they do; which is why I know more now than I did before, because of how testing this process has been; but a rewarding one also because of how the film turned out, which I am pleased with; being that is was the first thing I have ever edited in my entire life.

Final Cut Pro is something that I know that I will have to get better at, this editing process would have gone much better and completed faster, I wish that there were more classes on this! I will have to make sure that I do more to make sure that I get much better at this, I did however use the internet and a book from the Library to enable me to look up what I didn’t know off the top of my head. Though I did this, my editing still could have been much better. I look forwards to my next opportunity to create an edit all by myself, until then; I will make sure that I do what I can to get better at editing as well as putting my own stamp on something that was a collaborative effort.


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