My Logo – The Final Outcome 2

Having gone through a great deal of thought and discussion (with myself) as to what my final logo would be, I decided to go with an idea I had early on. The final logo mainly features my eye, which is looking straight at the camera. The eye and my face is seen through a hole in a shed wall, which I feel can represent the idea of someone looking through a camera. The image also features my brand name ‘Farmer Media’.

The logo itself came from my idea that an eye is complicated. The eye represents the idea that as a media producer, I see many things; I create many things. It’s all about taking in what the world gives you to come up with ideas to produce and create, sounds very odd; but the idea of an eye being the main focus of my logo made sense to me, because of their complex nature. I needed to make sure that the logo was created with the eye as the central attraction of the logo and the brand, because it looks  so intriguing and interesting.

I wanted the logo to feature a feel of mystery, as it shows the eye on it’s own; it allows someone to look at it and wonder what it means, what it represents; it’s open to different interpretations really. To me, as I said; the eye and the part that it is looking through is a camera.

The style of the lettering is something that I came to personally like, because it stands out and allows the brand to look fun, something that I know I am as a person, so much of my personality came out when deciding what font; style and colour to have the text. I wanted to make sure that it stood out as the eye does in the image, and it does. I am pleased with how the lettering looks, because it stands out and it looks professional; yet charming and different to much i’ve seen throughout the development of this logo.

The image on the right is what I would use for a banner. The image allows me to have a simpler logo for other uses, that wouldn’t necessarily need the whole image that the main logo features. I have therefore created this as an alternative logo, but also something that could be used on my website or a letter sent from my brand and much more.

One of the images that helped me to decide what to do my logo on, the logo for the TV show ‘Big Brother’. It helped me to also decide how I wanted the logo to stand out, the eye was the main importance in the image. The name of the brand is also very important.

I wanted to make sure that the name of the brand wasn’t shown to stick to one aspect of the media industry, which is why I didn’t want to call it something like ‘Farmer Productions’, because it sounds as if it narrows it down to something more like producing films or TV programmes etc. I therefore to decided to go with the name ‘Farmer Media’, because it can be applied to any piece of media and also allows me to come to decide what part of the media industry that I want to work in, in the future. This is because I am not sure what part of media production that I want to be a part of as of yet, because there is a lot to go through and I want to make sure that I know where I would want to work. The name allows me to be broad and not specific to a particular area of media.

Using Photoshop to edit the image and add text to the logo has been a challenge, especially as I am not familiar with the programme. I know that in the future my work will need to be more intense and detailed, which is why I will be making even more of a big effort to get to understand how it works, so that my work is even better in the future.

Overall I am pleased with how my logo has developed. I was worried that my ideas weren’t good enough, I wanted to make a logo that stood out as well as being something that looks different to anything out there today. It represents what I do, what I want to do and also what I think, it’s an unusual image; which is something that I am most proud of. The image stands out and you are drawn to the eye when you look at it; which as I said has many interpretations and understandings to me. I also like the fact that it looks as if the eye is looking into a camera.

I like the image and the name for my brand. I have enjoyed the process of my ideas, to development and then creating the final logo. I am pleased, things can only get better from here! I only hope that I get better at the technique as well as continuing to have fresh ideas that flourish into good pieces of work.


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