Once Upon A Time 3: Ariel’s In Trouble

TREATMENT – ‘The Little Mermaid’ wants to be human, she wants to be a part of a world that has a better way of living for a dreamer like herself. She wants to be a part of something that allows a dreamer like herself, to be given the chance she wants. She wants a better life, that will give her the chance to be who she wants to be; somebody.

With the sea witch away on business, Ariel is forced wait it out until she returns. The sea witch returns and tells her the prince has the best job for her, something she really wants. Time passes and finally, Ariel’s opportunity for a better life arises once again when she saves a handsome prince ‘charming’ from drowning. She awaits for him to wake up the next morning on a beach for her reward of a chance of a better life, but what she gets is far from the happy ending she has dreamt and heard about.

The prince wakes and is shocked to what he finds, a golden idea for him to make some money for his upcoming marriage to a princess. He captures the mermaid and takes him to his castle, where he has her placed in the biggest tank known to man. Ariel is forced to live a life of show, something far far away from what she has dreamt of. The prince uses her for money and makes her perform tricks so that people from all around the globe come to see the wonder and mystery that is Ariel, ‘The Little Mermaid’.

Not everyone gets a happy ending.


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