Reflection: Those Poetic Eyes…

Making sure that the topic I wanted to portray within the poem was made clear was important to me, I wanted to have a clear message inserted within the poem as well as having it visually and emotionally relatable to anyone who would come to see it. I found making the poem work in terms of making it understandable; hard at times, this is mainly because there was so much that I wanted to say and have included in it; there had to be much cut out or down to make the poem work and allow it to prosper. Though I am pleased with the outcome of the final poem, it was a certain struggle to maintain a healthy outlook on the poem’s lines when theres so much to cover, I managed it nonetheless. The process of deciding what topic to cover was a simple one, it’s universal and being who you are and what you are is important and something that I thought not many people would cover; specifically what I talk about throughout the poem itself. The core theme of ‘Who You Are’ stuck throughout the entire poem as well as con tainting a small segment of other messages that are open to interpretation. The words of the poem are true to how someone who possibly doesn’t know who they are feels, how they have felt and how they will feel; it was all about generalising the different feelings felt when you don’t know who you are. Looking back I have to comment on the process of reaching the decision, looking up poem ideas through the internet allowed me to be able to come up with many ideas; but choosing the one that I did was because of what it meant to me. The poem is for people like me, who don’t always know who they are. The poem’s words are true to how I have felt as well as inserting advice into it to make the message even more clearer and helpful to those who watch and feel like they relate to the words and the message itself, it’s relatable to anyone in any situation; which makes the poem an even better message. Creating the poem allowed me to be creative and have footage and images from the internet (all archived) to tell the story of the poem, which is something I found refreshing and interesting throughout this project; because it was all about me creating something that I have wrote and I tell the story how I see it in my head, which I love to do! Overall it was all about doing something that meant something to me, which I did. It was also about creating a meaningful message for those who have felt the same as me as well as the poem being relatable, Which it is and finally it was important to me to make a poem that I believed in, which is also what I did. The development process, the creation and narration all went extremely well and I hope that I have created a poem worthy of what I think it is; which is allowing it to stand out from the crowd and get people to relate to it and think that they aren’t alone and everyone has felt the same at some point in their lives.


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