My Logo: The Final Outcome 1

Having gone through many ideas and development for creating my own brand and logo; I had to make sure that whatever was created was 1. good enough, 2. different and 3. that it could be a representing of my work and myself. This logo, I feel has a lot going for it and is unlike a lot of things out there now. This logo is something that can be used for any type of media,  I made sure that the logo showed that.

The clapperboard is a representative of media, as it is something that is used in more than one form of media. This helps to show that the logo is media based, there is nothing else other than what is on the logo. This allows everyone to really know what the brand is about and what I do. I did this on purpose because it is different and also it is informative. The clapperboard is also a representative of how there is variety in media, because it is used in both movie and TV, this example can also be applied to the logo’s background.

The logo’s background was created because I wanted the logo to be able to be applied to many different forms of media, not just standard films or shorts. It was important to me to make sure that it is all applicable because I don’t know where I want my media future to be as of yet, so I made sure that it was all full of variety and that it could all be applied to many different forms of media. This can be adapted in the future when I am 100% comfortable with what I want to do, but for now I am happy with how it came out and I have worked hard to ensure that it looks good enough to be featured as my final logo piece for this project. The image below is also something that can be adapted. Changes could be made in the future and I am able to use this particular image for everything that my brand would be doing. The main logo wouldn’t be able to be used on a letter; etc, but this particular one would, which is useful. It is also part of the banner, which will be on my blog as well as website in the near future. This is the ‘second logo’ that is the back up to the first, as well as a potential logo for the future.

I wanted the name to be simple, which is why I went for ‘Farmer Media’. I thought that the word ‘productions’ would be overused throughout this task; as well as it being popular in the actual big names of companies. I like the simplicity and easiness of the name, as well as the font used and colour chosen (which had no competition, because it’s my favourite).

Overall I am pleased with the progress that I have made whilst developing this logo. It has helped me to decide what I want out of a brand, a logo and what it means to brand yourself; including creating something that represents you and what you do. It has also allowed me to notice that although I now have a logo, I am still not 100% on what I would want to do coming out of this degree, which is something that I’m sure will change soon enough. Not knowing what I want to do allows me to blend in with all different types of media, which is reflected in my logo as well as the name; media, because in the future I’m sure I wouldn’t want to stick to simply one professional, it’s all about diversity and creating something with impact, which is what I think the logo is. I am pleased.


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