Recycled Media – Heather Moves On..?

My main idea is to continue the story of Heather Westwood, a young girl who has had a troubled past; her mother is killed in a fire at her home in Zimbabwe; which makes her father decide to take them both to London for a new life and better chance of survival in a better place.

I decided to do this because when we were developing the story of Heather, I would always think more to what the actual story was. What if this or what if that etc, which is why I felt it appropriate to continue the story and allow the character to be developed further, the cabinet group created a good character. I came up with the idea that some time has passed and Heather’s father dies, which then sets a chain of events off that shows her how much everyone has lied to her throughout her life; especially her father. She finds out things about her past, mainly that her father lied to her throughout her life; and the biggest secret that her mother isn’t dead like he led her to believe…

TREATMENT – The character created for my 160mc cabinet of curiosities goes back to the place she once called home, to make a shocking discovery…

Heather Westwood was mentally damaged by her mother’s unexpected murder when she was young. Following the death, Her father moved them to England from Zimbabwe in an effort to escape all of the bad memories, a desperate attempt made by her father; who she didn’t always get along with. Forced to deal with her grief alone, Heather was later admitted into counselling to help her cope with everything, which resulted in her relationship with her father made even worse.

Ten years later and Heather finished all of the necessary therapy and counselling that got her through her school days and went on to see a therapist once a month for her grief as well as coping with minor other problems in her life, one of them being depression and eating disorders. She has a problem with wanting to be perfect, wanting to be the best she can be all the time, but it isn’t possible.

Heather is forced to return to her homeland when he father suddenly dies, she has to make sure that all of the land he owns out there is sold correctly. When she returns she is forced to go back to the place where her mother died and where her family was torn apart. But not everything is as it seems, as everyone in the town is shocked to see her; as they all believed she was the one that was killed in the fire, they inform her that her mother is alive and well…Heather’s trip just got shocking.

To create the story continuing, I decided to use Prezi; a presentation and storytelling tool. I wanted to include number of images of the character Heather, as well as other selections of media like the poem I created for 160mc and other things like google maps and elements of the presentation that was created for 160mc also.

My Prezi Journey:

To begin with I made sure that I knew the story that I would be creating, continuing Heather’s story. I wanted to make sure that it would be something interesting, which is why I went with how she discovers she has been lied to her entire life; with a big cover up on what she counted as the biggest thing in her life.

Prezi is easy to use and I got the hang of it very quickly, especially as I knew what I wanted it to look like and how I wanted it to be presented. I wanted the whole story to be in the order of Heather’s journey. I created the presentation in swift time and made sure that everything was in there that was required, things that made the story ‘recycled’; which meant images from the 160mc presentation that was used, the poem for 160mc that I included as something done in Heather’s counselling sessions and I also created some extra ideas like including some maps to tell Heather’s story, this was to focus on showing a different dimension to her story, it makes the story look more real and interactive when going through the prezi presentation.

I am very pleased with the outcome of the story and I am pleased that I used Prezi to tell the story. I have continued a character that I feel is very interesting and have created a interesting story. I worked hard to make sure that the story was interesting as well as making sure that I made it using ‘recycled media’ to meet the guidelines needed, which I think I have; which makes me even more pleased with the story and the outcome of the whole process as there weren’t any problems that arose during it’s creation and development.

Here is the final ‘recycled media’ story of Heather Westwood, told through Prezi.

Prezi: Heather’s Journey


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