Editing: Part 1 – The Beginning…

Editing is something that I have always thought I would hate. Too much effort, too much to do. I must admit that I am not looking forwards to doing this, only because of how worried I am about it all. I have never edited something like this before and I am worried that the final result will show that. I’m learning as I go, which makes it even harder and frustrating.

Editing is something that interests me, but something that I feel wouldn’t be a element of media that I would necessarily want to be a part of. I am however enjoying learning a lot about editing and the beginning of cinema and it’s growth into editing and the start of something that has redefined how we watch a film or edit something. It’s all very interesting and informative, especially for someone who has a lot to learn.

I have a clear idea of what I want my version of ‘Kemistry’ to look like. The short film will have a lot of cuts that are fast, so that the audience cannot see what is happening, but they will understand that something bad is coming for the characters. I kind of want to tell the story backwards, because I feel it’s a pretty basic plot; so I want to make sure that it stands out more. This will be done with flashbacks and flash forwards with the fast cuts to help make the viewers believe that something bad is going to happen to the characters; (one of the characters die at the end), so it’s all about me editing it in the right way to allow the film to have the tension and suspense that it needs to make it look good and professional.

I’m really hoping to get going on my edit any day now, with the hand in date getting closer; I want to make sure that everything is perfect and my edit is worth good marks. I’m praying for a miracle.


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