Logo Creation…Part 1

Having had more time to research and think about what I want my logo to look like, I have decided to alter what my first official plan was. I have decided that I am in need of having a better representation of myself, so I have decided to include my name within the logo.

My previous decision was to have a simple image of a clapper board and my brand name, but I have since decided to include something more personal and individual for my logo. As my last name is Farmer, I have decided to my brand titled ‘Farmer Media’ with a symbol that is appropriate to my brand name and what comes to mind when you think of a farmer, I have chosen a tree that can represent the name farmer. Though it doesn’t represent farmer 100%, I feel that it can be better, so more thought is needed to make it even better.

I am thinking more about having an eye as part of my logo, because of how it relates to media and how important it is for everyone. I also am thinking of working both my previous idea and my new one together to possibly match the ideas together to make the logo a lot more interesting and effective for my branding.

Here are the three images that I am moving forward with, they continue to provide me with inspiration to create a good logo. They are all going to be different ideas for logo’s which means that I need to decide soon where I want to go from here and what I want my logo to be specifically. I am more drawn to the eye ideas that I have been coming up with, which is something that I will be moving forwards with; but I think I will also do a back up logo.

My next step is to have a final logo for my brand, something that will be coming very soon.


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