Posted in February 2012

161MC – A Complete Reflection

This entire module has brought about man challenges for me, I have worked hard on making sure that I have maintained a healthy attitude to my work as well as continuing my heavy work load with an open imagination and concentrated mind. I have enjoyed this module more than I thought that I would, it … Continue reading

Movie Review: The Woman In Black

Women in black can be scary for sure, but why can’t they do more than make you want something bigger and scarier dressed in black? In what is meant to be one of the most chilling films in recent years, The Woman In Black pulls out all of the cheesy steps needed to make you … Continue reading

My Logo – The Final Outcome 2

Having gone through a great deal of thought and discussion (with myself) as to what my final logo would be, I decided to go with an idea I had early on. The final logo mainly features my eye, which is looking straight at the camera. The eye and my face is seen through a hole … Continue reading