People To People – Ideas & Thoughts…

Discussing ideas on what we could do for this project, There were many ideas brought up for people that we could use; many interesting and intriguing ideas that would be a great people to people film that we must produce.

Chelsea Ballaam – 1. Grandmother, reflection of her life before and after her husband’s alzheimer’s got worse. He now depends on her to live and required constant care, which has changed their relationship and their families outlook. 2. Aunty, Her husband committed suicide and left her to fend for her family and look after her children. This film would be to show awareness and what her life is like now and her outlook on what happened.

Joshua Farmer – 1. Patricia Pratt (Grandmother), reflection on her turbulent life and what she thinks about motherhood now to what it once was as well as her thoughts on what it is like bringing up children now to what it used to be like when she was a young mother. 2. Sarah Webb (Aunty), having just come out the other end of a cancer battle; I thought that my aunty would be a very interesting and informative story to tell. Her whole life changed to what it once was and she won’t ever be the same, but she has fought and won her battle, I thought it would be interesting also to see her thoughts on what it is like to have cancer and if her outlook on life has changed at all.

Shannon Clinton – 1. Cousin, Wanted to be a dancer and perform for a living but an injury meant that she could no longer continue to peruse her dream of being a performer. 2. Teacher, Outlook on what it is like to be a teacher as well as ideas on students and changes within the school life. He also taught Shannon and her mother.

I think that all of the ideas presented here today have been really interesting and would make great films, I’m looking forwards to coming to a decision and beginning development! I think the three main ideas that have come out of today have been Chelsea’s grandmother, my grandmother and Shannon’s cousin.  Heres hoping we work in a good manner and get everything done in a efficient time! I definitely am looking forwards to coming to film this project and seeing what stories we discover when we film!


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