161mc – Lecture 3: Gamification

Learning more and more about ramification and what it means for the future of our society has got me thinking a lot about what could be done to really help our futures. The presentation that Catherine Aurelio used to express her love for gamification and it’s impact on society and it’s growth for the future.

Application of gaming activities to non gaming environments.

Creating something that brings about more interest and social interaction to the average website or daily activity or annual event can make everything a lot easier. She spoke about how she was hired to make a website for a film (Quantum of Solace) and make it something more than it was, she was hired to create a special experience for those who visit the site. She thought that by making the site far more interactive and available to the consumer; then it would present more achievements to the bosses. “Creating a connective tissue to an influenced community”. It gets people motivated and far more likely to take part because of what is in it for them in the long run. She used a children’s digital device that records exercise as an example; as they play etc they earn more and more points, which they can spend on whatever they like on a website where they are able to express themselves, it’s constantly feeding what every human needs; to be able to express.

Having an online profile and making rewards available to people allows them to fulfil a need for expression, as well as making something that could be seen as boring and hopeless to seem delightful and very rewarding. This is something that I find very interesting, because it is allowing people to do something that they may not like on a day to day basis; by making it interactive and rewarding, which is very useful for people, especially children.

Gaming is the need of humanity, everyone loves a game and everyone has the need to play something in every day life. Catherine said that gamification could change everything, but there is little proof as of yet.

She spoke of the human need that ramification fulfils because of it’s possibility to be rewarding and interesting at the same time, something that I understand, but wouldn’t it just end up in people being incredibly lazy and stuck to their online profile? In some cases this would work, but in others I’m not too sure that it is the future that she was going on about.


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