(REFLECTION) iMy Script – Secrets Buried?

Three friends unite when an accidental murder leads them all to cover up the crime, but when their murderous past comes back to haunt them what is it that knows their secret? who knows their secret? was he really dead? and who has been sending letters from beyond the grave?

This is the completed script that was developed by myself for the group project in 162MC, I have posted a reflection with the script as I look back on something that I enjoyed rather a lot…

Here’s the script!

Looking back at the script now, I have come to see how differently I would have wrote it. There are a number of things that I would change, having looked back at it and knowing now what I couldn’t see then. I would definitely change where the script is set, I feel that in university halls has been done too much already; so I would alter it to make the script somewhere else; possibly  changing the characters ages to older women.

As I was writing the script I actually had people in mind of who would play each character, so I wrote it to fit the people that I knew would be in it, if my group would have chosen my script to develop further. I feel that now I shouldn’t have done that possibly because it could have restricted my story, now; without having anyone in mind I feel that one or two more characters could have been added and also that one or maybe more of the three main characters could have been boys. Though I don’t regret the process of me writing it, I would have had more ideas to flow with if I hadn’t known who would be playing each part, though I’m happy with the outcome of the characters; who they are and what they mean to the story, they all are different people and I feel that it is represented within the script of who they are. Sophie is the leader; the strong minded one out of the three girls, Holly is the worrier; she is always worrying and thinking the worst. A panicked person and Ally is the strong; but weak person who doesn’t know what to do most of the time but when it comes to crisis; as it does for her, she knows what to do.

I really liked the plot and how it unravels through the script; though reflecting on it more I would have liked to have had even more time to make it shine, to make it better. I feel some of the dialogue can be a little misunderstood; due to it’s weird references and sometimes unusual wording. I also feel that the structure of the scenes was good; but could have been more set out to feature more flashbacks to make it easier to understand. I also would have liked to have written more, I planned out the whole story before I began to write to, but cut a lot of things out because what we were meant to be developing and writing is a short film; my original version would have gone up to 10 minutes most likely, which is something Im glad I didn’t write because I wouldn’t of wanted to have had to get rid of anything or change things. I liked the idea of me being able to come up with any idea and write it, this story is actually something that I have come to develop a while back, so I know a lot about the characters and who they are and what they do. The finished script is also the middle of the actual story that I had planned out, which is interesting because I feel that one day I would like to come back to it and develop it even further. Creating a short film is difficult when you want something to be made so much!

I have really enjoyed developing an idea, to a script; it has been a very interesting and satisfying thing to write. I like the characters that came to be as well as the mystery surrounding the characters and what happened to them one night that made them bury a body in the woods. I also have come to like the way that I used flashbacks to tell the story, though I was worried that it wasn’t going to look good on the page or read well; it did and I’m pleased. Though there are a few problems that have arisen throughout the process; rewrites and the other points that I have mentioned, I have really loved being given the freedom to develop a story and tell a story that I have wanted to write for a while.

Heres hoping that I would be able to film this script soon.

Watch this space…


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