(RESEARCH) Editing – Influences & Examples

Kemistry – The script written by Charlotte Sinclair-Brown was selected after heavy discussion within the filming group and following a vote from various inputs. As a group, we wanted to make sure that the short film was reliant on the story as well as being able to have various edits done to the film, meaning there wasn’t just one vision throughout the process and in the end the outcome.

The film itself was written with heavy influence from the hit TV show ‘Skins‘, which is a very popular show about teenagers and their lives through older education; with drugs and alcohol thrown in for good fun. This is something that we were briefed on when the script was chosen, it is something that Charlotte found to be a major influence upon her script when she was writing it, so I did some research to allow myself to become more familiar with what I needed to do to allow my version of the short film to look like when it was completed.

I researched the TV show to allow me to become familiar with the editing style and process of how they present their footage, I found the party scenes to be the most influential; because they are either close up, birds eye view or fastened up clips. This made me think more about how I want my edit to look like, I want a lot of fast moving clips to show the partying as well the close ups to allow the tone of the script to truly come out when I’m editing it all together. Skins has a reputation for being bold, so I want to make sure that I am bold with my editing. This would be through dark clips and fast moving clips like I have mentioned. Though the show is based on Skins I don’t want it to be too much like it, because this is our own work and I wouldn’t want people who see the film to think that we have just copied it. I have a number of other ideas that will help me to make the film be different, in terms of how I present the footage that isn’t the party scenes.

Our film follows five 18 year olds as they go through their first year of University. The film focuses more on what happens after uni, so theres the typical party scene and drinking; with a twist of an unknown love triangle and an accidental drug overdose thrown in for good measure. It’s really what Skins is, but in a five minute short film.

I’m positive that the film will be representative of the vision that the group came up and and also that my version will be representative of how I feel the story should be told and also how it should look; through my eyes. I don’t want it to look too much like ‘Skins’ because it has been done so much before. I will ensure that I do my best during editing to make it the my own, as well as including tricks and funky transitions to allow my edit to look modern and well put together.

Below are the perfect examples of what I want my version of the film to look like, taken from an extended trailer for the show itself. Though Charlotte was insistent that the film was of the same tone, I want to make sure that my version is related to Skins; but not like a brother; more like a distant relative.


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