The Logo & The Branding

Thinking more and more about my ideas for the logo that I want for myself and my ‘company’. To make sure that it is relevant to what I am doing and also what the brand could represent itself. I have therefore looked up some ideas and have come to a conclusion over what I want my logo to look like and how I want to be represented through the logo itself.

The first image helped me to see many different media related icons that I could develop into a logo for my brand. I decided to have the image of a clapperboard for the main theme of my logo. I have decided this because it represents both television and film which is where I would like to work, in both of those industries. It also is good for me to have this particular one because it  can be understood by everyone that sees it. It is also a very simplistic idea that can be changed and developed further once it has been designed. Here are some ideas..

I like the one above the most because of its simplicity. It can have my name or company name featured in the white of the part or it could have my name etc around it, It won’t be like this because I want to make sure that I create it myself, I also feel that a bit of colour would make it a lot better and more eye catching to the human eye.

The one above is also quite simple, I could create something similar to this, add something to the image to make it look different and quite eye catching. I would want to possibly add something into the background, to make sure that the logo has more depth. I want to make sure that I show how I am not 100% sure what part of media I would want to focus on as a career; in my logo, which is where I need to focus on when I have decided what logo to continue with.

I have also seen an eye logo, which has made think about how being involved in media; it is important to use your senses (mainly your hearing and eyes). The eye is a very complicated feature of our bodies and I think it will be interesting to have an eye featured into my logo somehow. The eye can represent my media work, as everything I do comes from me looking; taking everything in and observing to come up with the work that I create. Eyes in this business are an important aspect!

The next step that I will be taking is creating a mock up idea of what I want the logo to look like and also how it can be altered and changed throughout it’s existence. I will be making sure that the logo looks professional and modern so that it can be representative of myself and my brand that would be my production company. I just need to decide where to go from here, which idea to mainly go with and develop further.



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