Can I Make A Film About You? – The Treatment & Clip

Having it all been agreed that my nan would be featured in the film, I had to make sure what she was comfortable talking about and what she doesn’t want to talk about. It is important to make sure she is okay with everything and that she doesn’t feel uncomfortable at any time throughout this process.

One of the main things I think would be very interesting for her to discuss would be her family. The family is a big one and she is responsible for most of it, which means she has a lot to talk about. I would like to get her to talk about how she coped with motherhood throughout her youth as well as what it was like to bring four children up throughout three different decades, everything changes and it’s interesting to know what she found hard and what she found easy. Motherhood in particular has changed in these modern times, it’s nothing like it used to be which makes it interesting for the film to find out what she thinks about the differences today compared to what it was like back then. Her family are all very different, which brings about her thoughts on how everyone has coped and how everyone has grown throughout the years; people change and she’s had the front row seat seeing it happen to everyone in the family.

My nan was adopted, which is also something that could be discussed. Though I know little about this topic in her life, I know that she found out she was adopted and found out who her real parents were. I’m not sure If she found out why or how or even If she met her real family. Adoption must have been a different thing to what it is now, which is why I think it would be good to look at what it was like back then and how she feels about not really knowing her real family. Though this may be a hard topic for her to discuss, it will be very interesting to find out what she thinks and how she feels about it all.

It would also be interesting to get a view on ageing, what she feels about it and how she feels it has developed and possibly changed her as a person. There are many views on ageing and getting older and more independent so it would be even more interesting to get a glimpse of what it is like to age and be at a stage in your life where you reflect on your life and see how much you have achieved and what you wish you could have done better.

Overall my nan has a lot to talk about and I’m excited with the thought that she is going to be featured in the film that I will be producing. She is a very interesting character and I’m looking forwards to her telling many stories about life in her eyes, to reveal her story.


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