Can I Make A Film About You?!

1. The film I would like to create is one that features my nan as the focus of the film. She has gone through a considerable amount of events throughout her life and she has many stories to tell, no matter the topic. From raising four children to making ends meet and also being adopted in the 40’s; she has a lot to talk about, which is something that I feel would be interesting to discover. She has a heart of gold and has created a family I look up to no matter what. Let’s hope no family secrets come out!

2. Man dies at Cemex UK’s Rugby cement plant

This particular story focuses on a more brief  explanation of a man’s death whilst he was working. The story lasted very briefly and didn’t feature much detail about the man or the real situation with what actually happened. The story could feature an interview with family or workers and that could lead to a more reasonable explanation of what happened. It could be more personal.

The news should have more variety, though there are many issues, there should be more structure to the layout of the programming. More depth and variety in news that is worldwide, not just local. However local news needs to be local with more interviews from locals and a better analysis of stories that interest people. There needs to be a variety of stories that aren’t just depressing.



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