Representing Myself – 161mc

In the first workshop of 2012 for the new term in 161mc I was given the task to find logos or quotes that represent me as a person. Here I have found two logos and one quote that seem to represent me and help to show what kind of person I am.

Logo 1: Movie Production Logos!

The first logo I have chosen is a collection of all of the biggest film studios in the world they all show what I am as a person, it shows that I’m a huge fan of film and what it does for everyone all around the world. Escapism is a main element to this, whenever you watch a film you can be wrapped up in the story of a film and feel like nothing else matters! A great film enables me in particular to be able to step out of everything and just appreciate what is created throughout the years. So many films throughout my 18 years have had me laughing, crying, shouting, screaming and believing that good story telling is through the eyes of those who create it all, which is also what spurred me on to become a Media Production student in 2011.

Quote 1: Live Your Life

This quote has been my favourite for a long time now, through going through a lot in recent years it has allowed me to stop and think that you have one life, you have to live it to the full. Everyone should make sure that they enjoy their lives, they have a fulfilled life that can help everyone to realise that we all have one life and everyone really should just live their live. It speaks to me in more ways than one, which is why it has been my favourite for such a long time. Live your life people, don’t worry about the bad things.


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