Mark Kermode on Oscar Glory & BAFTA announces it’s Rising Stars

Awards season is really hotting up! With the Golden Globe winners announced on 15th January 2012, the big question is will those winners be heading to Oscar glory?

Mark Kermode has tipped ‘The Artist’ to win many of the major awards that it has been nominated for, as well as stating that he thinks not only will the film be nominated for an Academy Award, but it will win most of them.

I’m excited to see this film, particularly as it is something that hasn’t been done in such a long time. The film has received overwhelming praise and acknowledgements for its originality and production. I’m looking forwards to seeing if I agree with all the buzz surrounding this film, especially as it is a genre of film that I have never seen before.

The article featured his thoughts on the Oscars 2012…

Kermode said of The Artist: “When the film played at Cannes I think people were a bit skeptical about the idea that a black and white, largely silent movie could be a mainstream hit. And yet it’s turned out to be exactly that. I think there was no doubt that that film is going to do very well over here and America.

“I think it will not only get nominated for ‘Best Picture’ at the Oscars, it will win ‘Best Picture’ at the Oscars. I don’t know if it’s going to win ‘Best Film’ at the BAFTAs but I think it will win at the Oscars.”

BAFTA has also announced the nominations for the Orange Rising Star Award. An award to acknowledge the new talent in the film industry, which is the only award voted by the public. The nominations are…

I’ll be looking into who I think I will be voting for, but for now; It’s time to go and see The Artist!


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