Posted in January 2012

161mc – Lecture 3: Gamification

Learning more and more about ramification and what it means for the future of our society has got me thinking a lot about what could be done to really help our futures. The presentation that Catherine Aurelio used to express her love for gamification and it’s impact on society and it’s growth for the future. … Continue reading

People To People – Ideas & Thoughts…

Discussing ideas on what we could do for this project, There were many ideas brought up for people that we could use; many interesting and intriguing ideas that would be a great people to people film that we must produce. Chelsea Ballaam – 1. Grandmother, reflection of her life before and after her husband’s alzheimer’s got … Continue reading

(REFLECTION) iMy Script – Secrets Buried?

Three friends unite when an accidental murder leads them all to cover up the crime, but when their murderous past comes back to haunt them what is it that knows their secret? who knows their secret? was he really dead? and who has been sending letters from beyond the grave? This is the completed script that … Continue reading

Poetry – My Idea & Development

This video has inspired me to create my 1 minute poetry film on how different everyone is, how differences must be celebrated and how not everyone is what is expected. Everyone is different and I want to focus on who we all are as people, in particular  how everyone must celebrate what makes them different … Continue reading

(RESEARCH) Editing – Influences & Examples

Kemistry – The script written by Charlotte Sinclair-Brown was selected after heavy discussion within the filming group and following a vote from various inputs. As a group, we wanted to make sure that the short film was reliant on the story as well as being able to have various edits done to the film, meaning … Continue reading

Movie Review! – The Iron Lady

How can such an iconic woman’s life be represented to it’s ‘true’ nature? By hiring Meryl Streep of course. The Iron Lady follows Margaret Thatcher, the only woman to be Prime Minister in the UK and the trials and tribulations of her 11 years in command of the country. Her strengths and her failures, her … Continue reading

Poetry – First Ideas…

Here are some keywords that I came up with when first thinking of what I could write my poem on. The ideas came from my own life, my own experiences as well as my ideas of what could be interesting and different. It is also something that helped me to get good ideas to ensure … Continue reading

The Logo & The Branding

Thinking more and more about my ideas for the logo that I want for myself and my ‘company’. To make sure that it is relevant to what I am doing and also what the brand could represent itself. I have therefore looked up some ideas and have come to a conclusion over what I want … Continue reading

How It Should Have Ended…

Thinking more and more about editing and making sure that everything falls into place for the film that we have just finished shooting, I found this website which is hilarious. Definitely agree with some of them! It helps to show that everyone has different takes on a film, which also helps me to realise that … Continue reading