Research – Character Development


Beginning to develop ideas for my short stories, I have been looking into character development. I want to make sure that I know that characters develop through a script as different things happen to them and also how they go through the story, it can change and they can be changed.

Characters are presented through their speech, their movements, their traits and their thoughts & feelings. This is important to know when writing a script and specific characters. I have come up with ideas for characters and have now had an idea for a script, I have to make sure that I have all of the necessary information that is required for the character to be developed further.

Character development is very important, it helps with continuing a story and also to keep a character interesting and intriguing to the audience. I want to be able to show development through my scripts that I come to produce, so it’s important that I have everything in perspective as I go through developing ideas and characters.

There are a number of forms of character development, two important and most commonly used are;

1. Direct Character development – The audience is told what the character is like through either a narrator, by another character or the character themselves.

This is something that I feel would be too difficult for me to try at this stage of early script writing.

2. Indirect Character development – The audience have to think for themselves what they think the character is like, through what they are told. This is done through action, thoughts, speech, mannerisms and their traits that are all presented through a script or what is portrayed on screen.

This type of character development is easier to achieve through a script and also through a written story, (much like the ones that I have come to write).

All of this has been very useful because I have come to see what types of character development there are, What needs to be done to allow a character to develop and also why a character should develop. Though I have gone into great depth, I am able to see that they develop as the story goes along, they learn lessons and hopefully become better people. It has also helped me with something from my cabinet of curiosities where I have written out a 100 episode arc for a number of characters in a TV show I developed. Characters weaknesses are also a good way to create something interesting in the text, for the character but also the viewer/reader because it allows a bigger depth to the character to be revealed. It makes everything more exciting for the development of a story. Characters change like humans change in reality, if they don’t then they become too simple and unrealistic; which is becoming more common.

The aim is to have a great story, great characters and a great script. This will enable me to have a better understanding of what it means to develop ideas from mind to screen and also how to make sure that the characters I may come to write are relatable and real, through the story but mainly through representation and the way that the development of everything comes together.


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