Script Development – From Mind To Screen


PITCH – A selling technique, you have to persuade the big people that your idea is worth being invested in. It’s the only impression you may have with them, so make it worthwhile and make sure you know everything there is to know about your story.

In the first week of the development of the scripts, we were all told to come up with some ideas and turn them into pitch’s. I went away and thought of a number of ideas that I felt I could write and possibly shoot. I wanted to come from different angles, so I focused my mind on these two main pitches…

Idea 1 – “Three friends murderous past comes back to haunt them when theres a sudden knock on the door….”

The first idea is a classic tale of what goes around comes back around, I wanted to make sure that the story would feature a big cliffhanger. I wanted this because many of these types of features and television shows focus on the mystery of what the past could be or what is behind the door, I wanted to focus on the relationship between the three friends.

This idea is very interesting because there are many ways that the story could go, which allows a lot of freedom as a writer. I knew where I wanted the story to go from the moment I wrote the pitch, so it was easy to see this was one of the stronger pitches.

Idea 2 – “One person’s struggle to go buy eggs”

With this idea I came up with two different ideas, the first being that this would be a simple story of a girl going to get eggs; but the universe doesn’t want her to for some reason, so there would be many hilarious ways that would stop her from getting what she wants. Then I thought about the idea more and found that it could mean something different entirely than I had previously thought, the story could of been something more dramatic like the girl is in desperate need of something or she can’t have children; there were more ways than simply going straight to comedy.

OUTLINE – The story develops, making notes of what important things happen and when, to who and why. Establishing key plot points, characters and story; it is important to allow everything to come out so that it can be developed further.

This part of the development allowed me to develop my ideas further to get the main points of the stories that I had in my mind, they were each very hard to make sure that everything was there; everything that I had thought of would be on the page. I was able to make sure that the ideas that I had were good enough to be developed more and ‘outlined’ as seen below. I found this good, it allowed me to be more creative and think harder about what I wanted the stories to be and where I got the pitches from the story.

Idea 1 – “Three friends murderous past comes back to haunt them when theres a sudden knock on the door….”

Months of lies and deceit to those around them, three friends begin to notice something odd is happening. Things are going missing, messages are being sent and strange occurences lead them to  believe that the fourth friend has come back to life, But how could anyone know? They moved and changed everything about themselves.

The fourth friend was killed in a freak accident one night, leading to a cover up by the three friends. The death may or may not have been on purpose; but when a knock on the door is heard over and over, it soon becomes apparent that one of the friends is a murderer, but which one!?

The knock gets worse and worse, as more secrets come out between the three ‘friends’. They panic and plan what to do, but fear that their big secret could ruin them. Tensions run high and emotions get the better of them.

All this leads to a big reveal (what is behind the door) and a secret that none of them knew about (the death was planned), leading to…the three friends opening the door, and are horrified by what they see…WHAT COULD IT BE? WHO COULD IT BE? WHY COULD IT BE THERE?

Idea 2 – “One person’s struggle to go buy eggs”

In an effort to impress her boyfriend’s parents, Bethanny decides to cook them a big meal; but she doesn’t have eggs!

She goes all out to make sure everything is perfect, everything has to be perfect. There are many interruptions that occur throughout her day that seem to prevent her from getting eggs, as she does her best to make sure everything is perfect. She tries everything possible to make sure she gets those eggs!

By the end of the day she is left without eggs and without the perfect dinner for her boyfriend’s parents, but she realises that eggs are a way of showing that her life isn’t so perfect and she may have troubles she hadn’t thought about before.

TREATMENT – More important than the script, every scene is written out with notes. Without a treatment, everything goes wrong.

This is where I chose which idea I wanted to continue with and finally develop into the script that I was going to write. I chose my first idea because there are many ways for me to write this and keep it exciting. I also wanted to see where I could go with the secret that they all share. The treatment is the part where every scene is written out, this allows me as a writer to know what needs to be included and then also what else I could add in after writing it all out. It’s putting everything together finally and allowing the story to drive me into writing the script, which is something I cannot wait for.

These three friends each share a dark secret, they were all involved in a murder but not just any murder, one of their friends!

One night changed their lives forever when a big argument turned physical, resulting in the accidental death. That night no one knows about, they buried the body and have been going along with the missing persons search for their friend for months now.

(One year Later?) But things begin to turn dark and dangerous as they all begin to receive letters, notes, pictures, text messages, phone calls and even objects from that night. The three friends begin to panic, they are all scared that they will be thrown into prison, jailed for the death. These friends know something or someone is playing them, but its what or who that gets them scared.

Their friendships are tested as they begin to suspect each other and emotions run high as a knock on the door promises to bring them something none of them could ever anticipate. What could be doing this? Why are they doing this? and most importantly, who knows their murderous secret?

(One of the secrets is that one of the three friends has been doing it all along, they wanted the friend to die).

Scene 1 = Flashback to the night of the murder and death, ending with opening of one of the characters eyes as they wake up from a bad nightmare (the flashbacks).

Scene 2 = Friends continue to get letters etc which begins to worry them more and more. They decide to discuss what to do and what they think is really going on.

Scene 3 = Flashback of what happened that night, one of the friends remembers something that the others might not know about.

Scene 4 = Threats begin to get more and more, until one day something happens that shows the friends that they aren’t alone and someone seems to know their secret. Panic and horror means the friends begin to fear for their own lives and what would happen if their secret was to be revealed.

Scene 5 = Flashback of the burial of the body, one of the friends remembers something that might mean the death might not have even happened at all. The friends begin to question each other and their own motives, could it be one of them?

Scene 6 = As the thing gets closer to the door, the friends continue to argue and everything comes out. secrets are revealed and relationships begin to crumble under the pressure of what they have been hiding all this time.

Scene 7 = The friends slowly go to the door and open it, only to be horrified by what they have seen. The short film ends with their faces, screaming at what they see at the other side of the door.



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