105MC – The Golden Envelope

Lady GaGa Music Video Evaluation
  1. What kind of gender representations are evident? – Throughout the video, Gaga is presenting herself as a bad girl, she knows she’s done something wrong and is released from jail. Both her and Beyonce are shown to be women who don’t like being told what to do, or what to say. They are represented as to having their own ideas and opinions, independent. They are presented as strong and intelligent. They also don’t like being told what to do, they kill a lot of people.
  2. What hegemonic/subordinate forms are represented? – (hegemonic) Men are presented as dominant and typically womanising. The one key man in the video is presented as disrespectful and ‘deserving’ of the death that comes upon him. Women to him are objects. (Subordinate) here women are shown to be of the lower hierarchal stage, mainly set in a woman prison where they have all gone against something to be in there and then the two main women in the video are out to kill people, get revenge and have their names known. They go against the social norms and show that they are rebellious and against men that treat women like objects.
  3. What are the symbols of power and what are their effects? – “A criminal female is any female that doesn’t follow the rules, that doesn’t fit the model as a good girl,” & “The fact that the food is made poisonous,” Vicks said, “And the sounds of eating are made disgusting, its overall motive is to turn what is valued as feminine on its head. It is to turn frightening something that we take as so safe and nurturing.” Women have the power in this video which creates a different tone, it is going against what is seen to be the acceptable norm because times are changing and the video shows that women aren’t to be underestimated or treated badly. Women have all the power in this video, it shows that they are bad and are doing what they want. All shapes and sizes.
  4. What other representations are there? – Men are presented as people who treat girls badly, women are sort of empowered and there features a great deal of the two main characters being naughty and doing something that goes against the socially accepted norm for women to behave.
  5. How does the representations of masculinity intersect with class, sexuality, ‘race’ and ethnicity?
  6. Does the text challenge hegemonic masculinity? – Lady Gaga tends to condescend and undermine the idea of the hegemonic masculinity in many of her video’s, this one is no exception. Over powering the man in the video by tricking him and murdering him, along with many other people. The idea that she goes against the ideal norm and turns it on its head by showing herself to be the more dominant one, which has the control throughout the video. This video she shows little interest in men, which is different to some of her other videos. This one features her and Beyonce killing men! Going on the run, which isn’t what women normally do!
  7. Can we read alternatives to the dominant modes of representation in the text? In what ways might we challenge these representations ourselves – and is this even possible?

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