105MC – 72 Hour Challenge (Music Video)

Last week (Tuesday) we were given the almighty task of creating a music video for one of Ghostpoet’s songs. This seemed to be a reasonable task, until we were told that it would have to be created in 72 hours. Plus we also found out that he himself would be looking at these video’s, so the pressure was really on for us to create something really great.

My 105MC group all decided on the song and we quickly got into working on ideas for the video. We decided on the song ‘Garden Path’ from Ghostpoet’s album. We began filming the next day (Wednesday) with my iPhone 4, this was a major problem because of the loan shop being down throughout the day; we were unable to hire a camera.

Throughout the day we filmed various sequences and ideas, which then ran into the next day (Thursday). We began to realise that we didn’t have enough footage to fit the whole 2:50 minutes that the song required, which meant we went out in the morning to film more.

We then began to fit the pieces together, editing our music video together. We went through the whole day with adding last minute bits into the video, as well as incorporating little pieces of footage from the artists previous videos. We also used IMovie.

Here is the completed video, with a slight problem you will see!

Yes, when it came to exporting the video there was an error which meant that 15 seconds of the video was blacked out. We were unable to undo it and we need to make sure that we get the full video uploaded, because the bits missing are some of the best parts!

I enjoyed the process of the 72 hour challenge and I’m pleased with who I worked with, I’m sad that there was a problem that ruined a bit of the video. I’m also not looking forward to writing the 2,500 word essay!


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